Friday, 17 February 2012

Dear Mr Whacker

February 17, 2012

Dear Mr Whacker,

Please forgive my unsolicited communication, but I have been asked to write by my Headmistress, Miss Tanya Hyde.

As I am sure you are aware, on Saturday evening a number of apples were stolen from the orchard in the grounds of your school, the majority of which were thrown against the east wall of the school building, and a number of obscene messages were etched into the trees. I am writing to inform you that the individual responsible for these outrages was not any of your pupils. Rather, it was me.

I will not trouble you with the details of my recent interview with Miss Hyde, save to say that once I had admitted my crime I was introduced quite thoroughly to my Headmistress’s slipper. If I might be permitted one further digression, it might please you to hear that this morning in Assembly I was called onto the stage and given twelve on the bare with the senior cane, and that after classes this evening I shall begin the first of a month’s detentions.

To return to the matter at hand, Miss Hyde has asked me to request an appointment with yourself so that you might have the opportunity to administer some correction of your own. If this suits, please let me know the date and time I will be expected to attend your school.

Please believe me, Sir, when I say that I am very sorry for my misbehaviour and for any distress it may have caused, and that I look forward humbly to your kind attentions.

Yours truly,
Miss Penelope Hasler, Form 5A, Birchington School for Girls

N.B. I have been instructed to state that you may deal with me by any means you see fit.


  1. Your writing is very imaginative. I can't wait to hear how this turns out! Nicely done.

  2. Thank you, Spanky! I fear that being a naughty schoolgirl comes naturally to me... xxx

  3. A most excellent addmitance of guilt penolopy, however after a sound OTK hand spanking and 12 strokes of a whippy rattan cane accross your bare bottom any more thoughts and actions of this unruly nature will be farest from your mind.

    The Correction Man.

  4. A spanking and twelve with the cane? Oh, but! Please Sir! I won't do it again!

    Fingers crossed behind my back? Who, me, Sir?

  5. Ha Ha Ha like most females when about to face the consequences of their deliberate actions they always plead and say i will not do it again sir. But only someone who is easily manupulated would listen to her cries of innocence,best by far to make certain she will think long and hard befor commiting any similar offences anytime soon.And that will be best bought about by administering the sound spanking promised and also the bare bottomed caning so that when she is alone and gazing through a mirror at the 12 perfect stripes adorning her womanly posterior,;she will indeed refrain from such behaviour in future or indeed like many women find the quickest way to be on the receiving end once more ;what wonderful mysterious things the female of the species are penelope.

    Correction Man.