Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Summer school

Summer is (nearly) here, and my kind 'teacher' is buying me a lovely new school dress to wear to lessons. Just like the one in the picture above, in fact, but in sky blue gingham rather than pink.

This will be my very first summer school dress and I can't wait to wear it as I know it will make me feel very sexy and naughty. I also know that it won't be very long after I put it on before I'm over my teacher's knee, dress raised, knickers down, having my bottom deservedly spanked.

Having another choice of schoolwear outfit (especially one so associated with younger schoolgirls – the delicious humiliation!) is great in itself, but this one in particular will let us play an extra game: if wearing a pretty dress to school is a privilege, then being put back into my boring old uniform can serve as a punishment. I think I'd better behave myself, or I might earn a spanking in my dress then corner time and lines in my dull grey pinafore...

Ooh, I can't wait for it to arrive! I'm even getting a nice new pair of long white socks to go with it. All the better for kicking my legs like a naughty little brat!

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