Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Spanky sports: virtual edition

A two-in-one kinda post today. Firstly, I have been introduced to – and am very proud to link to – a trio of great blogs. Big hugs and bratty salutations to my new friends Ian & Lillie, Ludwig & Kaelah, and Underling! (I’m not exactly sure what a bratty salutation might consist of, btw, but I imagine it involves blowing a smiling raspberry at some point... ;P)

Secondly, I know I’m a day or three late but I just have to showcase and applaud a lovely little piece of spanko creativity by the aforementioned Underling: a spanking video game! This is the thing that first led me to his blog, in fact (via Ana, via Kaelah). Spanky sports in the comfort of your own home – how neat is that?

The game, ‘Smack and Yield’, is a simulation of Olympic Spanking (lol), with women beating the buns of naughty boys with some fearsome-looking paddles. Underling has very kindly given me permission to host his wonderful game here, so here it is (Flash required):

You play it by bashing your left and right cursor keys: the faster the keypresses, the faster the swats! There are three difficulty levels, and I think I found my natural level (the middle one) instinctively. The first round was an easy win, but the semi-final and final were won by a whisker. Here’s a snap of one of my victories. Take that, Canada! :P

I haven’t tried the hardest level yet, because I suspect it might be a bit too much of a challenge for me. And I’m not the world’s most gracious loser. But then, maybe losing wouldn’t be such a bad thing... I could always have fun imagining what happens to the defeated team when they shuffle, shame-faced, back to their strict female coach...

Hmm. I wonder if Mr Underling would ever consider making a custom version with Maria Sharapova roasting a naughty little ballgirl’s behind?


  1. Very cute. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I think most of us would rather see Maria getting HER naughty little behind roasted.

    At least I would... ;-)

  3. I am jealous. It isn't compatible with wordpress. Boo! Glad to see you've found some of my favorite blogs. :)

  4. Thank you very much for the link, Penelope! Underling's game is absolutely cool, isn't it? :-)

  5. You're welcome, Kaelah :) I'm only sorry I took so long to find you. And yeah, Underling's game is way cool :D

    I think it is possible to embed Flash games on wordpress blogs, Ana - I read up on it after reading your comment because I'm a sekrit geek... (^_^)

    I can quite understand where you're coming from, smuccatelli. Maria as a spanker or a spankee is just hawt!

    And a big warm hug to Joey! Thank you for being such a cuddly Hasler-watcher xx

  6. *knocks*

    Hey, can I come in...?

    Penny, thank you so much for the plug - it really means a lot to be referenced on other people's sites. I see your techy skills are indeed up to scratch, too!

    Of course, now you've made me look bad because I told Ana I didn't think Wordpress would let her host the game :p - if you could apply your supernerdery to helping her embed it, I'd be doubly grateful.

    I love your blog too - amazing how long individual spanko sites can escape one's radar, especially when that radar is as active as mine!

    Best wishes,

    Undy x.

  7. Hi Underling! Please make yourself at home :)

    Thank you for letting me showcase your game and link to your blog. You are a very talented chap!

    The spanky blogosphere is a vast and amazing place: I am constantly discovering new places and new people. It's so wonderful.

    And yes, my HTML skills are truly awesome, but shh... I'm a sekrit nerd ;)

  8. Despite wanting to spank Maria for amongst other reasons her shrieking during matches, I have to confess in her recent US Open semi final she looked absolutely adorable in her pretty light pink tennis dress.

  9. Oh yes, she looked good enough to eat :)

  10. Hello Penelope and other Maria fans,

    Have a look at this video:

    In particular I draw your attention to Ms Sharapova at 2.22. I suggest, purely in the interests of research (ahem), pausing there and zooming in - observe Maria's hands between her legs, skirt pulled well up over the bottom and no underwear anywhere to be seen!

    What a shameless hussey! Clearly asking for admonishment ...

  11. Oh my... :D

    Thank you, anon. You know, I had never thought of looking for Maria videos on Youtube! It's so lovely to see her off-court. And her little dance at getting a strike at bowling is just ohhhh...!

    Poor Djokovic at the end, though. Maria could whack me with balls all day, but I feel kinda sorry for him!

  12. Or perhaps Novak was looking for punishment from Maria? He has certainly been cheeky enough to her many times.

  13. He does have a very cheeky grin. And I can well understand if he did want to be punished by her. He has way more self-control than I do :)

  14. The bit where she lies on the grass makes me go all funny. I honestly wouldn't be able to keep my little paws off her... or my lips...

    Not gonna be able to concentrate on anything today!