Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Penny Does a Runner: Part VI

It’s exactly two months since the last instalment of our spiffing schoolgirl tale, Penny Does a Runner. High time that we picked things up again, I think!

Penny skipped down the hedge-lined lane towards the town, smiling happily, her blonde locks bouncing in the sunshine. She was free! No more lessons, no more uniform inspections, no more spankings! What bliss her life would be from now on!

But then, mid-skip, she suddenly frowned, as if a dark cloud had passed across her young face. Running away from school meant no more lessons or spankings, certainly. But it also meant no more meals... no more hot baths... no more cosy bed in the dorm room! Oh, dear... in her eagerness to escape a caning from the Headmistress she hadn’t thought of the downside to running away. Whatever would she do? It was mid-afternoon and pleasant now, but the sun would have to go down eventually, and she would be all alone when it did.

Alone... and cold... and hungry...

She pictured herself huddled in a barn, shivering in the nighttime chill; pale blue moonlight peering in through a gap in the tattered old roof. Poor, friendless Penny. Oh! What was that noise? It might be an owl in the rafters... or it might be someone approaching; a scoundrel creeping up on her! Oh, goodness!

It was with such terrors in her mind that Penny practically staggered head first into a colourful poster that was pinned to a telegraph pole. She fell back, dazed, and looked at it.

The most spectacular show in England!
Death-defying trapeze acts
Lions, tigers and elephants
The Amazing Anastasia
Spiffo and his clown troupe

Oh, what luck! Of course – she would join the circus! They were bound to have room for her somewhere. She could juggle, after all. And stand on her head. And she didn’t mind heights one bit. With a new feeling of glee she raced off down the road.



  1. I think little Penny is heading for trouble!

  2. Giggle. So sweet! What a naughty little girl, our runaway Penny. Somehow I don't think the fun of the circus will make up for the piper she'll have to pay when she is caught.

  3. Yay, Penny joins the circus :D Can't wait to see Penny perform! What does the Amazing Anastasia do?

  4. Hehehehe! Why does joining the circus seem to be right up your alley? ;)

  5. It does seem to suit rather, doesn't it, Natasha? lol.

    The Amazing Anastasia is a wonder, pao! She can do all kinds of wondrous things!

    Thanks, (Amazing) Ana! But, Penny caught? Never!

    That goes for you too, Joey - Penny in trouble? As if! :D

  6. I can just see you being part of a circus and getting into all sorts of mischief


  7. Oh my! The phrase "from the frying pan into the fire" comes to mind...

    Poor Penny is rather naive, isn't she?

  8. How can that silly little girl think there will be no more spankings? Joining the circus, has she not read Pinocchio? It never ends well.

  9. The circus sounds like fun. I'm sure little Penny will enjoy every moment of her adventure. :)


  10. Thanks for all the comments! So glad that the young Miss Hasler's antics are of interest. Whatever will happen next? :-o

    (Probably a spanking, as Aunty warns... Penny's been pushing her luck for a while! XD)