Thursday 2 January 2014

Spankings are snow fun

Happy new year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas filled with love, fun and kinkiness.

What better way to welcome 2014 than with a fun and naughty blog hop? Those clever chicks at Spanking Romance Reviews and Saturday Spankings have come up with an event guaranteed to warm you in all the right places: Winter Spanks!

There are dozens of blogs taking part and prizes galore to be won, and my little blog is one of them :)

And so to my contribution. A story starring a naughty girl called Penny (plus ├ža change)... thank you to the lovely Emily Tilton for helping me with it!


It had been a spur of the moment thing; a surprise weekend trip to a place he hoped his overworked girlfriend would find beautiful and relaxing: Loch Lomond.

The place was indeed beautiful, in a wild, wintry way: the clear blue water of the loch was a mirror image of the clear blue sky; snow lay on the ground, all around them and over the rugged hills that stretched into the distance; the air was bright, cold and crisp. A little too cold for Penny’s liking, truth be told. She was very glad she had worn her thick leggings, but still she wondered how long it would be before they were back indoors, snug and warm. She hugged her cuddly toy – a small, pink creature called Mr Pink – to herself as she walked with her boyfriend along the edge of the loch.

As it often seemed to when walking, Penny’s mind began to wander. After a quick dalliance with the idea of being a swan on the water, it wandered to a place far from the starkly beautiful scenery that surrounded her and to an impressionistic, visceral place of feeling. Of sexuality.

She didn’t know quite why, and she didn’t quite understand the feelings the idea gave her, but she had always wanted to be spanked. She always felt a strange thrill when she saw someone being spanked in a film, or on TV, and she imagined herself in the person’s place. She loved that BH was the man he was – funny, considerate, kind – but she wanted him, just sometimes, to be commanding... to be firm with her... to be mean... to manhandle her; to overpower her; to slap her bottom and call her a bad girl.

Lost in her thoughts, Penny had hardly noticed that she and BH had left the footpath along the edge of the water and entered a kind of fortress. She was brought back to the moment when BH pointed at a huge black cannon and excitedly cried “Wow, look at these!”

There were six identical cannons all lined up, facing the water. Penny raced up to the nearest and smiled for a photo, then sat Mr Pink on top of it for another. She took a few photos of BH posing beside it, one with her toy in shot as if it was Godzilla, and was suddenly struck by a mischievous impulse.

She skipped to the fortress wall and leaned over the side, kicking a leg up and looking at BH with a naughty grin.

“Hey, Penny... want to come away from the edge?” BH said, a fair degree of worry in his voice. But his request went quite unheeded: instead of coming back from the parapet, Penny leaned further over it. “Ooh...” she teased, rocking forward provocatively, “I think I might fall..!”

BH, no fan of heights at the best of times, had seen enough. He raced to Penny, grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back to safety.

“DON’T do that again!” he snapped down at her, genuine anger in his voice and his expression. “You really are stupid sometimes!”

Penny felt a strange shiver of trepidation at her placid boyfriend’s unusual reaction. She hadn’t really meant to annoy him...

She slipped an arm round him and looked up into his face with a sweet smile. “I was only kidding,” she purred, hoping to see her smile reflected in his handsome face.

She gasped as, instead, she was unceremoniously lifted off her feet and draped face down over a cannon, her bottom pointing inelegantly towards the sky. She gasped again as a terrible thought hit her like a snowball to the face – was BH going to spank her?

“No! You can’t! You wouldn’t!” she cried, colour rushing to her panic-stricken face, feet kicking comically. And, to Penny’s relief, it seemed that he indeed couldn’t: after letting her squirm for a moment he took her by the waist and lifted her back down to the ground. But no sooner had he done so – and just as Penny parted her lips to call him a big, mean tease – he took hold of the waistband of her leggings and yanked them down, right down to her ankles, leaving her bare legs trembling in the cold Scottish breeze.

“OH!” Penny cried in shock, putting her hands to herself in embarrassment.

“I can and I will!” BH said, the unfamiliar commanding note in his voice making Penny’s legs feel a little weaker. “And without these to protect that naughty little bottom!”

Before she could say the words that flashed across her mind – “You’re not really going to spank me, are you?” – she was turned by the shoulder to face the cannon and smartly placed over it once more. Oh, the metal was so cold against her bare skin! “Help! No! Wait!” she stammered, tossing her head and wriggling in an ineffective attempt to get herself down from the improvised spanking bench she found herself draped over. But BH’s firm hand – the firm hand that she had fantasised about so often – held her in place.

Penny was unaccustomed to being in such an inelegant position full stop, let alone outdoors, and she was naturally worried that someone might see her. But for some reason the only thing she could think of to say was “N-not in front of Mr Pink!”

BH stifled a laugh and countered Penny’s protest in the same strict tone he had employed a moment earlier. “If you didn’t want Mr Pink to see you like this, you should have behaved yourself!”

And with that he raised his hand and snapped it down against his girlfriend’s bottom with a satisfying slap, as crisp as the air. Satisfying to his eye and ear, at least; Penny seemed altogether less pleased with the sensation. “Ooh!” she yelped at the sting. She yelped again when a second smack landed across the base of her buttocks, and again when a third quickly followed to the back of her left thigh. The pink panties she wore squirmed enticingly and were soon outdone in colour by the soft curves they hugged.

The strange, hot, stinging feeling that the spanking brought forth was uncomfortable enough – a sensation that quickly grew very intense, with BH’s rapid, hard smacks – but worse was the sense of humiliation that overwhelmed her. She felt like a naughty little girl; like a misbehaving child being publicly taken in hand; like a very foolish and deserving young woman. And, in stark contrast to her outward display, she felt so turned on that she inwardly hoped the spanking would go on forever. She also stopped worrying that someone might witness her comeuppance. Rather, she imagined being seen and guiltily relished the feeling it gave her. “Spank me harder!” she wanted to scream, but didn’t. “Ow! Ouch!” she yelped instead, and the wonderful tingling feeling between her legs grew more intense with every painful slap to her behind and every undignified exclamation that flew from her lips.


On the walk back to the chalet Penny held Mr Pink under one arm rather than in both. Her other hand was on her sore bottom the entire time, soothing the sting. She was glad that her black leggings hid her red bottom, though a part of her – the same part, no doubt, that had long fantasised about being spanked – felt a delicious pleasure at her naughty secret.

It would be fair to say that she had not expected the day to turn out the way it had; she had not in her wildest dreams imagined that her desire to be spanked would be met in such emphatic fashion. She felt a guilty smile cross her lips as she began to think about how she might earn a spanking the next day.


Hope you liked my story :) Now for the contest bit!

RULES: Follow the links to read the blogs – comment on the blog to prove you were there (or answer the participant’s specific question, if they have one). COPY AND PASTE COMMENTS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! Each comment earns you one entry for the grand prize. You must provide your email address for your entry to count. Individual pages may also have their own form of entry (Rafflecopter, etc) for additional chances to win prizes. Enjoy all the free stories, posts, and fun!

My question(s): have you ever been spanked outdoors? If so, want to tell me about it? If not, have you ever fantasised about it?

Post a comment for a chance of winning a $20 gift certificate to Blushing Books (and of course a Winter Spanks Grand Prize!)

N.B. I can’t reply to comments as the WS organisers tell me it’s easier to collate contest entries if I don’t. Hugs and thanks to you all for commenting xx

Here are all the Winter Spanks blogs (this thing is big!):


  1. I got the switch outdoors while camping last stung so badly!!!!! I was a good camper for the rest of our trip :-)

  2. I fantasize about it all the time! I love the story, Penny! I'd love to be bent over a cannon someday. . . as long as it's not TOO cold. <3

  3. Eee, spankings in the cold hurt a lot more. Heck, the cold hurts! Brr! Poor Penny, got thrashed in front of Mr. Pink :(

    *hugs* :D

  4. Not in front of Mr. Pink... Poor, naughty Penny. That line had me spitting my coffee...well timed, my friend. :)

  5. I'm thinking there was more than one "Mr. Pink" present at the time and he and Penny got together later... ;-)

  6. Oh, Penny. That image of Loch Lomond, the blue of the sky and the depth of the loch, it brought me back 25 years to my UK days when I did a lot of work in Scotland, it's just so beautiful.

    And what a first spanking :D oh my, naughty Penny really did relish it, didn't she. So did naughty Tara, although I can't imagine the cannon shaft being the softest cushion. I really enjoyed your story.

    Out in the open, nope, not tried it, but I live in hope (and trepidation). Something about the risk of being seen really does add a certain je ne sais quoi.

  7. Yes, when I was 15 I had a boyfriend that liked to spank. He once took me into a barn and spanked me in the hay. It was wonderful. Alas, I married a vanilla man. Oh well, I still get off reading these amazing stories.

  8. No to both questions

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  9. I haven't but given the right person and timing...hmmm. It could be delicious. :)

    Happy New Year!


    erzabetwrites at gmail dot com

  10. Kissing the gunner - spanked over a cannon - something unusual to experience :) I hope Mr. Pink gave her a good cuddle afterwards.
    thank for the story.

  11. She's a lucky girl, if only we all had our fantasies answered so quickly! Lovely story.

  12. No I would love to though! I fantasize about it all the time, although I have hinted for my husband that I would like it, he's just not into it! Thanks for the story!

  13. Oh! Oh...sooooo hot. Was there a question? LOL
    I have never been spanked outside but I was swatted in public once. ;)

  14. Mr. Pink is perfect for this story. Wonderful writing and very creative.

    Yes, I was spanked outdoors once. No, I can't divulge the circumstances; however, I'll stealthily put it in a book sometime. :)

  15. I did like your story. I've received swats outdoors but that's about it. I've written some outdoor spankings in my stories and books though.

  16. YEs, I have been spanked outdoors at night at a deserted rest stop

  17. Thanks for a spanking good story! ALL my outdoor spankings have not been for the good....hoping for a good one once summer hits :)

    1. Forgot my email:
      bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  18. I was spanked very briefly outside (once). He stopped before I got too loud and took it inside.


  19. Recently, where someone could have driven up and seen us. I got very hard.

  20. Never been spanked outside. It would be interesting in the woods (hopefully no biting bugs!) Then take a nice dip in a cool pond.

    lacrimsonfemme at gmail dot com

  21. I have not been spanked outside. I don't think I would like to be. But I like spankings so much that if the opportunity arose, I would not say no! :)

    Loved your story. I feel bad for poor Penny being embarrassed in front of Mr. Pink.

  22. No. I have not been spanked outside. However if I was I would not want to be in the cold... give me warm outdoor weather and then yes I would fantasize about that. Thanks loved your story especially Mr. Pink. Thanks

  23. OMG, Penny, I adore you!

    This was so much fun! "Not in front of Mr. Pink!"

    I loved that he was so commanding, and spanked her over the cannon!

    But what I loved even more was her reaction, and the fact that she was figuring out ways to do it again.

    (That is soooooo me! :) )

    Alas, *sigh*. I have never been spanked outdoors, with the exception of a few playful swats.

    But I fantasize about it.

    We go camping a lot during the summer. And I always dream about hubby taking me further into the woods, to spank me with everything he can get his hands on. :)
    the thought of possibly being discovered excites me even more!
    I'm so glad you joined in!
    katherinedeane40 at gmail dot com

  24. I have never been spanked at all (as an adult). It would be shocking to be to be spanked while laid over a public!
    capefearlibn at gmail dot com

  25. What a lucky girl Penny was. In answer to your question yes multiple times. The first time I was 19, it was in June in a Forest Preserve over the hood of his car.

  26. I liked that story!

    "... but she wanted him, just sometimes, to be commanding... to be firm with her... to be mean... to manhandle her; to overpower her; to slap her bottom and call her a bad girl."

    That's the heart of the matter right there, isn't it? Great job with that.

    Now for the questions. I've never been spanked outdoors; I'm a giver, not a receiver:)

    I have been SO close to delivering one outdoors however (had GF's shorts and panties down, her naked ass just waiting -- but it was foiled by approaching hikers. Gah, so close...).


  27. Thanks for a very fun story.

    Yes...I have been spanked outside...swats and discipline...not fun! LOL

    Cat catsbrighteyes at gmail dot com

  28. now look at you, Penelope :D HONK! I somehow missed the "not commenting"- or waiting to comment until Saturday night, as Thianna D. mentioned on her blog. However Renee already did give me my spanking lol But for your question, not outside in the back yard like in my Winter Spanks, but towards the beginning of our relationship, we were at a bonfire out in the country, and my Master took me for a walk away from others. Well it wasn't a hand spanking, but He picked up a fallen stick and I suddenly found myself having a switching.

    authorjoellecasteel @ excite dot com

  29. Fun story Penelope! No no spanking outdoors for me :)

    1. sorry email address

  30. oh gosh, no and not sure i'd like that. cold or hot or buggy or windy or sandy or leafy... ummm no thanks!

  31. Oh heavenly day... I'm swooning... Mr Pink...

    Um no I've not been spanked outside. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be agreable to my sensitive disposition either. :D

  32. I have not been spanked outside, but with the right person, hmmmm...I think it would be aweseom!

    thanks for sharing!!

    tammyfaris1966 at gmaildotcom

  33. Very nice story, I always enjoy reading about outdoors naughty time:) I never have been spanked out doors but I almost ended up giving my wife a spanking last time we went to our pond and she walked out on to the ice. This was a great way to finish up the blog hop for me! Thanks for sharing!

  34. I have never had the pleasure of experiencing a spanking before, but I would not be opposed to a private outdoor adventure.
    Lburger1908 at gmail dot com

  35. Cute story. Thanks for sharing. Yes ... when I was eight I was spanked outdoors by a boy I had a crush on in a spank game. Crazy how you can be a spanko as a child too before you even understand arousal and how it works. daiziedraper at

  36. Though I enjoyed your story a great deal, being spanked outside is definitely not for me. I did use it in one story, though. What I fantasize about is the strong, dominant hero keeping me in line, though I really am a good girl. And I'm scared of heights, so I could never do what naughty Penny did.

    Thanks for brightening my day.

  37. Never outdoors - I'd be a nervous wreck. Great story!

  38. Nope not outdoors so far.


  39. I haven't been spanked out of doors, but I definitely want to. Unfortunately my outdoor spanking fantasies usually end up with me tied between two trees. And when reality comes into it? I really hate bugs. If that was happening and an ant crawled on my foot? I would forget all about the lovely spanking and freak out about the ant.

    Kinda kills the mood.

  40. No, but I've thought about it.


  41. I think I've been spanked in the barn before. It was kinda hot.
    normandiealleman (at) yahoo (dot) com

  42. The only time I was spanked outside, it was by my grandmother, and I was a bratty little kid. Not sexy! :)

  43. I have been spanked outside, by my mema when i was little. Not fun! Beyond that, nope! Tho, i will admit, i have done a bit of fantasizing. lol Great little snippet! I really enjoyed it! Thanks!