Sunday, 29 July 2012

Brat abroad

Back! Sunned and rested and ready for action. I hope you’ve all had a nice week :)

In case you were wondering, the hot and sunny place BH and I went to was Kos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea (and birthplace of Hippocrates, no less). Beautiful and friendly, peaceful and quiet, with temperatures in the thirties all week and nary a cloud in the sky. Just what a pair of rain-weary Brits needed!

So there was sun and sea... was there sex and spanking? Reader, there was, though not all four simultaneously (I’m not a fan of sand in intimate places, for one thing. And we are English!) We did have some splashy horseplay in the sea on one occasion, which provided the pretext for a private spanking back in our hotel room later on. (Well, private-ish: our room was as close to the reception desk as could be, so in all likelihood guests coming and going were treated to the slaps, smacks and squeals emanating from our bedroom). And of course, once I had been shown the consequences of my naughtiness I was given a jolly good seeing-to, my moans of pleasure muffled by the school tie I was gagged with. Outrageous!

It may have been because we were in a carefree state of mind as we were on holiday, I’m not sure, but we were definitely more kinky in our everyday behaviour than usual. The general theme – that just naturally occurred without us having to discuss it – was one of bratty girl and strict guardian, with all the opportunities for yummy submissiveness and ageplay that provided. It was like a lovely unspoken undercurrent to our grown-up holiday fun: misbehave and you will be punished, young lady.

On most of our excursions I was led by the hand, shielded and held and cuddled, a possessive BH arm wrapped round me or a hand placed upon my rear, and I was encouraged on my way (and reminded of my place) every now and again with a smart smack. Ooh! :D

And I may have been spanked OTK in private but the results were invariably shown off in public: after my spanking for splashing, for example, I was made to wear a pair of very short shorts when we went out again, so there was a tell-tale pinkness to my exposed curves and the backs of my thighs that I couldn’t conceal. Very embarrassing! (And very arousing). And the innocent pleasure of lazing beside the hotel pool was preceded one morning by anxious squirming in front of the mirror, checking my bikinied bottom for signs of redness, as I had been given a short, sharp spanking for cheekiness at the breakfast table. What a naughty girl... but then we’ve all been there, right?

Shopping was great fun, of course. And that too was infused with kink: BH held all the money, and so I had to ask him to buy things for me, or ask him to give me spending money. (Oh, I liked that!) I lost count of the number of times I asked “Please, BH, can I have this?”

Holding a cute t-shirt up to show him, I asked just that.

“Don’t you think you have enough t-shirts already?” he said.

I did not. And, summoning all my intellectual and argumentation skills, I pouted “But I wannit!” in my best bratty voice, and frowned at him like a disappointed six-year-old.

BH can be wonderfully dominant when he wants to be, in a cool, calm, almost parental way. Faced with my Veruca Salt impression, he took the t-shirt, hung it back on the rail, took me by the wrist without a word and marched me, discreetly but firmly, out of the shop. Once outside, I was treated to a no-nonsense, stand-up, finger-wagging scolding. He did it in such a way, standing so close and speaking so softly, that electricity crackled between us, yet the people going by in the street paid us no heed. It was so intense and personal. “You’re going the right way for a spanking, Penny. Carry on like that and I’ll turn you over my knee right here and let all these people see what a brat you are. You know I mean it.”

Oh, how I squirmed! Pouting and looking up at BH in timid appeal, rubbing my thighs together as if I was desperate to wee, I felt just exactly twenty-four going on seven, a naughty adult reduced to the status of a child, a feeling I love. My pathetic little whimper at the prospect of a public spanking in a bustling shopping street would have melted a statue’s heart.

“Now, are you going to behave yourself?” he asked, in all seriousness.

“Yes, Daddy,” I squeaked, snuggling into his chest.

BH teased me a little later by carefully examining the range of thick leather belts in another shop. “Mm… this one looks like it would pack a wallop... I wonder if I could give it a test run…”


I didn’t get the belt (or the t-shirt), but I did get a spanking back at the hotel for accumulated bratting. A spanking that, Strict Uncles everywhere will be pleased to hear, involved a good, long dose of the hairbrush midway through. A very sorry Penny with a very sore bottom, I sat down ever so carefully in the restaurant we ate at that evening. Luckily, I was allowed to wear a dress so my disgrace was kept hidden.

Sunbathing, sightseeing, shopping, sex, spanking, (s)alcohol… just a lovely week in a lovely place. I am a big fan of Kos. The only things I didn’t like were the big, scary bugs, meep.

Want to look at some holiday snaps? Course you do! :D

The beautiful blue Aegean Sea (that’s Turkey in the distance, and I think possibly TFD waterskiing):

Some boats in the harbour (there was a big navy boat there all week and a man with a big gun guarding the approach to it. I wanted to go up to him for a picture but I was too chicken):

The ancient Roman Odeon (excellent place for a public spanking):

The beautiful market and Kos town square (another place it would be lovely frightful to be spanked):

A Greek kitty cat (there were loads of these everywhere. Did you know that ‘meow’ in Greek is ‘niaou’?):

The hotel pool as seen from our balcony (there’s more pool than that but you can’t see it):

A house I would like to buy if I had the money:

We could have taken pictures of everything, it was all so pretty.

P.S. A friend tells me it’s been hot and sunny back home all week. What did we come back to? Clouds and rain!


  1. Lovely Penny! Glad you enjoyed and relaxed. You could always have explained some tell tale redness off as sunburn.

  2. Hehe! I suppose that would be less embarrassing than confessing the truth. Silly me, I forgot to apply suncream to my botty...

  3. That could be a perilous omission for a spanko if done for real. Imagine getting a spanking on a sunburnt tush...


    Welcome back, P. Glad you had such a great time!

  4. Thanks, RR! It was great. But it's always nice to come home, too :)

    And I think I would put the lovely Maria to shame with my wailing if I was ever spanked on a sunburnt derriere.

  5. Strict Uncle says: Welcome back and what a Fantastic travelogue Penny: arnchair travelling at its best. So pleased to hear that your Veruca Salt impressions in the market saw you taken back to the hotel, your bikini bottoms pulled down and your "untanned" sensitive white botty badly burned with the trusty hairbrush ! (Essential holiday apparel) I'm sure the wailing and resounding smacks against your soft, reddening bare botty would intrigue the guests in reception and carry across the balcony to the pool terrace...and serve as a brisk warning to overly- exuberant little madams in the fray... (intuitively covering their bikini-clad BOTS !). Glad you had an ace time...looks fab.

  6. I'm sorry no one noticed your embarrassment as you were being scolded, as a few knowing smiles from passing strangers would have made the experience all the more memorable.

    I imagine Penny falling asleep by the pool, only to be awakened a few minutes later in a dusty alley by a toga clad merchant and two Roman soldiers, both carrying spears.

    Where is she? What is happening?

    Penny is wearing only her bikini, but alas she is soon wearing even less as she finds herself in the slave market, with her hands tied behind her back and a collar cinched around her neck bolting her to the wall.

    It is a busy market; filled with goats and fruits and lambs and perky little slave girls like Penny. A few hours before Penny had been shopping in this very sot, squeezing the fruit and fondled that T-shirt she wished very much that she was wearing right now! For poor Penny is entirely naked, and it is her melons that her being squeezed, and her juciness that is being fondled, and inspected.

    Penny tries to pull away, but as she does the merchant cracks his short riding whip accross her defenseless bottom. Ouch!

    Penny, blushign furiously, spreads her legs to shoulder width, and bends over...

    Penny looks up nervously to the stone block, where another naked slave girl stands for auction. Like Penny, she is shy, and doesn't want to show herself to the eager, laughing bidders, but the whip ensures obedience.

    How long until Penny is on the block? She knows only that the buyers must be allowed to examine her first, and get a feel for the merchandise. If she is ever returned to her century, Penny will never fondle a T-shirt in quite the same way.

  7. Good to hear you had a great time and are back safe. And btw, my being halfway across the globe waterskiing off a beach where you happened to be sunbathing, possibly after a spanking, was sheer coincidence. :)

  8. OH! What a hot fantasy! You have such a wicked imagination, imreadonly2. I don't think I'll ever fondle a T-shirt the same way again! (Or squeeze a melon!)

  9. Yay! Hi, TFD! :)

    I knew it was you! When BH rubbed cream on my back you nearly took a spill...

  10. Reading that was...errm........extraordinarily hot. File under: mmmmmm.

  11. Thanks, Dave! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    For one more image I'd like you to imagine, if you will, a wet, red-bikinied Penny climbing out of the swimming pool, smiling. Strolling back to her sun lounger, leaving a little trail of water on the hot, sun-bleached tiles as she goes. Giving herself a quick little rub with her towel. Putting her sunglasses on, lying back on the lounger and giving a little sigh of contentment.