Saturday, 14 July 2012

Spelling it out

A whole week without a post! I hope the Pennilessness has been bearable.

I know you are all anxiously waiting for the next English lesson (such eager children!) but don’t worry, it will be along soon. In the meantime here are the results of the spelling test, pinned up on my classroom noticeboard for all to see:

A gold star for Dana and Andrea!

Oh, and here’s an amusing little poster that might capture how a few of my young learners are feeling...


  1. Pene,

    I did miss you, glad your are back.

    The photo is very Fifties and very funny.


  2. A, B grade well I really did think I got them all right!
    Please look at all the work I've been doing, opening up.
    Thank you Penny. Xx

  3. Thank you for the A, Miss Penny! A C isn't very good, maybe Timmy needs a spanking ma'am. Aunty spanks for poor grades.

  4. Now, Andrea, let's not be naughty and try to get other children spankings. Timmy's mother will be informed of his grade so she may well decide to warm his bottom herself.

    Of course, if Timmy's grades fail to improve over the course of the year then I will apply some encouragement of my own.

  5. Harry: you did very well, but you unfortunately got questions 1 and 10 wrong. Maybe if you try very hard you can get an 'A' next time.

    And your writing on your blog is very good, dear. Keep it up! (Though I'm not sure I approve of you wanting to be punished by me... that's very naughty, isn't it?)

    1. I am very naughty.I can't see where I've written that I want to be punished by you but it is true.I found a brilliant twin set of hard back volumes published by the german publishers Taschen, called Bizzare, a reprint from a forum type magazine from u.s circa. 1940's. One letter every issue had an account of dd or school. One was from a girl who was swished in her pretty French misstresss class. A fellow pupil stole the teachers silk underwear and told her friends she fancied six with them on to enjoy them,(sounds like you, and this is supposedly a true account.) to cut it short the girl who stole them was found out, was beaten in class, and everyone agreed, including the girl punished for stealing that she got want she wanted, however she had not expected it to be quite as hard as she got it,seven, real stingers.

    2. Actually I remember now that the girl who wrote the letter commeted on the teachers silk underwear and was swished standing on a chair, the teacher later gave them to her to wash! Then silk French nickers were them pinched by dorm.mate who got her strokes, but wait, the lovely silk nickers were shredded thanks to her swishing. All true, if I had not sold them you could have had them, loads of true of luck.h

  6. And thank you joey! I'm glad you liked the funny picture. :)

  7. My apologies, Harry - you're quite right. My head is a little hayfevered today.

    And that sounds like a very hot little story!

    1. That's quite all right. Thank you very much for telling me the ones I got wrong.I am going to find out what they are and write them out.
      Thank you for running this course.If ever you need to set an example, I'm your virtual boy, in my experience all school related punishings seem unfair,like yours from Julies mum. I thought you took it like Mary Poppins;sorry I couldn't help at the time, Mrs Spank will never beat another innocent teacher again, so some good has come of your fortitude.
      Blog nickers down and one for luck.

  8. The ones you got wrong were Q1 (you chose 'witch' rather than 'which'), and Q10 (you chose 'equillibrium' instead of 'equilibrium'). But then witch and which are homophones (words that sound the same), and equilibrium is just a very tricky word to spell. Overall you did very well.

  9. *A note left in Ms. Hasler's mail box in the teacher's area*

    Attn Ms Hasler

    We are a group of experienced, dedicated teachers. As a young and new teacher at our prestigious school, we take particular interest in your progress and the progress of your students. As you know, we adhere to the strictest standards of conduct and excellence here, and expect the best of both our students and our faculty.

    Your performance so far has been satisfactory, but we believe there is room for improvement - and perhaps even an opportunity for you to join our group, if you can prove yourself. We are aware of the most recent test you administered to your class and its results. We would like to discuss these results and demonstrate some methods for achieving even better results from your students. And yes, this will include corporal discipline.

    We cannot compel your compliance, legally, but we trust you will recognize the value in having a circle of senior teachers mentoring you through the early days of your (hopefully long and prosperous) career. If you are willing to submit to us, we will make you a better teacher - if you are not, then there will be no hard feelings.

    We will wait in room 17 for ten minutes after the final bell. You will not receive another invitation.

    The League of Extraordinary Teachers

  10. Curiouser and curiouser, thought Miss Hasler. She glanced around but saw no-one.