Friday, 20 July 2012

Sun, sea, sex and spanking

No time for a proper post as I’m packing for my holiday! BH and I are jetting off tomorrow to a hot and sunny destination* where we will luxuriate for a week. Bliss! So no naughty scribblings for a bit (aww). But also no moaning about the rubbish British weather (yay)!

Be nice and naughty while I’m away and do read all you can. (But not Fifty Shades, obviously). And Miss Hasler’s pupils should swot up on their grammar, as her English classes will carry on through the summer. No end of year break for you little rascals!

Back soon. Love, Penny xxx

*It had better be hot and sunny, anyway. If it’s raining when we get there I will throw a fit on the airport tarmac.


  1. Enjoy!! Hope you will have sun and fun.

  2. Have a great time, and be safe. Any throwing of fits should get you very warm down under.

  3. Oh Little Andrea will be delighted when I tell her about summer school, I am certain. I do hope your hot and sunny destination isn't Australia, dear, because it's anything but at present.

  4. Have great fun in the sun...throwing a fit on the tarmac is mighty impressive for a Naughty Little Penny and can cause a right rumpus and bout of self-seeking-attention but it's a sure way of getting the hairbrush to "meet and greet" your Bare Botty on arrival young lady !...Strict Uncle

  5. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!