Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Space cadets and magic rain

We get a lot of rain in England. (June was, apparently, the wettest since records began: I can well believe it!) And so we English are experts on the many subtly variant types of wet stuff that fall from the sky.

Anyway. This is just my way of introducing a little real-life, non-kinky aside that I experienced today. I was out on lunchtime walkies with my doggie. It wasn’t raining, though the sky was filled with dark clouds, looking like they couldn’t wait to burst. There is a canal near my house, and Doggie and I often like to walk down it. It’s quite green and pastoral and pretty, and it’s a nice, relaxing place.

Even though the sky was dark and it felt as if rain was imminent, it hadn’t started by the time we reached the canal. Or, at least, I thought it hadn’t. So I was very surprised to see circles forming on the water, as if from raindrops. And that’s just what they were. Yet I couldn’t see, hear, or feel anything: this had to be the lightest, finest rain I had ever (not) seen. It was as if it wasn’t there at all. Doggie likes to take his time walking – he often stops and sniffs things at great length – and that suited me just fine at that moment, as I was genuinely struck by the peaceful, surreal beauty of the scene. I must have spent ten whole minutes, just gazing at the patterns on the water, as we inched our way along the path.

I’ve been a bit spaced out today as I didn’t sleep much last night (though to be fair I’m a bit of a space cadet at the best of times), so it was just so lovely, magical almost, to be in that quiet place and watch the circles silently form. It really put me in a tranquil state of mind, and I still feel that now.

It even cheered me up about Maria getting beaten at Wimbledon.

P.S. The photo at the top is of the sky above my house (plus some telephone cables), taken after we had got home. July! You’d never believe it. And you didn’t know I was an arty photographer, did you? (I’m not).

Update: Here’s a picture of the same bit of sky the next day. Note the excitingly different shade of grey cloud:


  1. Never mind Penny the uber sexy German girl who beat Maria (Ms.Lickety Split) gets her curvy, bare white botty tanned by Daddy with the back of a designer hairbrush. Fair Dinkums and all's fair ...but looking at her fearsome ground strokes, I bet her girly doubles partner will feel the strap wielded across her bare rear-end if she messes up !...now that's wot I call a good call... "switch !" ....Yours, Disgruntled Back-Hander from SW19

  2. Nice photo. I remember many days running in the cool rain in London. But,as the folks in Seattle say, at least you do not have to shovel rain.


  3. lol! I like it! :D And true, at least it isn't snow!

    And I do hope you're right, Mr Disgruntled - Lisicki needs a spanking for beating my lovely Maria. *frowns*

  4. Thanks for sharing that magical scene. Hug.

    Here, halfway round the globe, everything wants to hide from the merciless sun.

  5. Hug! :)

    The sun... is that the pale, round thing that occasionally peeks out from between the clouds?

  6. No, the sun is just a myth. What you're seeing is the desk lamp of the scientist who created this 'planet' in a Petrie dish.

    As for the clouds, well, the guy smokes a pack a day.

  7. Maria is the one who needs the spanking, a young lady I'd like to give something to actually shriek about.

  8. Ohh... so that's what it is! Thanks, RR!

    And you can only spank Maria if I can watch, Aunty. *does her best 'wilful little madam' pose*

  9. Harry said a genuine thank you for Mondays active lesson; I think everyone enjoyed the situation,especially me.

  10. You're welcome, Harry. I'm very glad you enjoyed it! And I hope you will try as hard with your schoolwork in lesson 2.

  11. strange how black and white can be the most beautiful colors of all. Thank you for sharing your art, Penelope!

  12. Thank you, imreadonly! Maybe I should do fifty of them, huh. ;)

    And the sky is actually blue in places today. Wheee!