Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pennyland weather report

Hi! I’m Stacy Nice-Racke with the weather for Pennyland. After a dry weekend with patches of blue sky visible and temperatures reaching a scorching 16˚C (61˚F), things will return to their normal cloudy, soggy greyness today.

Here’s the scene above Penny’s house at midday today:

Lots of nice grey cloud there, promising rain. (These are live pictures, by the way, not a spot the difference competition!) Not much wind: notice the iconic telephone cables are still up. So your brolly won’t get blown inside-out, don’t worry!

Average temperatures of 13˚C (55˚F) will have Pennys running to their wardrobes once more for shorts and crop tops. Make the most of that summer heat, girls!

The outlook for the rest of the week looks set to be the same, as does the rest of July. Then it’ll be autumn, so we can look forward to extra cloud, sideways rain, and lovely freezing temperatures.

Now over to Brad with the sport. Brad? Brad! I’m not that sort of weather girl!


  1. Looking at your entry time I see I was watching the weather outlook just five minutes after publication of this downbeat post.
    I have to say your class room standards are very though, very correct and just the tonic, thank you thank you thank you.
    Weather for out doors for you young lady, a roll mat and a chequered thermos and down to the open areas I should think.
    I realy am learning, and enjoying. The Penn I refer to in my writing is you miss penny hasler!

  2. I hope that you at least have a warm bottom on such a cold and wet day.


  3. Thanks, both of you :)

    I don't mean to moan about the weather so much, but it really is cloudy and wet EVERY SINGLE DAY and it just gets a bit depressing after a while. It's supposed to be summer, after all!

    The good news is that BH and I are going away on holiday for a week on Saturday. To somewhere hot and SUNNY! :D

  4. Good news Penelope...Redskin burning and sun cream ? I'm sure your soft, sensitive, snow white botty will be bared to the great outdoors, and tanned appropriately ! ...And oh how those "Under the summer sun with vino" travelogue novellas would be given a compelling, edgey, "off-piste" vitality by you and your innovative, dazzling tones Penny !...Strict Uncle - who packs his trusty, if nasty old slipper in his wheely-suitcase, for the overhead...and the OTK :)

  5. Have a really well deserved holiday. Look forward to class 4 . I must say I've gone a little blog bonkers, the last few weeks. Have a lovely time.
    : )

  6. Dig out those shorts Penny, the weather is looking good for the weekend. Time to take care that those thigh welts don't happen.

  7. Hehe, that would be my sort of timing - leave the country just as the sun comes out! XD

    But it's nice to know that poor old Ingland might get a bit of sun. I hope it's gorgeous in OFGville :)

    And thanks for the kind thoughts, Harry and Strict Uncle. I'll have a think about writing a bit whilst away, but I can't promise anything. There's sun to bathe in and alcohol to be imbibed, after all!