Saturday, 7 July 2012

Miss Hasler's English Class: 2

All right, settle down everyone. Stop doing that with your pencil, Imreadonly2! Yes, I suppose it is quite impressive, but I want you to concentrate on the board. Good boy. Now, today’s lesson is on everyone’s favourite topic: spelling.

Good spelling is very important. English has thousands and thousands of words, but it only has twenty-six letters to make all those words out of. This means that a lot of words that mean very different things can be spelt similarly. And, just to make things trickier, some words sound alike but are spelt differently! This is why doing your best to spell things correctly is important: it helps make sure that you are understood correctly.

But being a good speller isn’t always easy. English is inconsistent in a lot of ways: this means that there are exceptions to most of the rules within it. Spelling and pronunciation – that is, how you say words out loud – are certainly inconsistent, and some words you simply have to learn by trial and error. ‘Rough’, for example, is pronounced ‘ruff’. But ‘through’ is pronounced ‘throo’, ‘though’ is pronounced ‘tho’ and ‘cough’ is pronounced ‘coff’! Yet, even given such inconsistencies, a good rule of thumb with words you’re not sure about is to try to spell them how you say them. Try to break the word down into individual syllables – that is, individual sounds – in your head and then try to build the word from there.

Diplodocus. That’s quite a long word, isn’t it? A long word for a long dinosaur. Can anyone tell me how many syllables ‘Diplodocus’ has?

That’s right, Harry: it has four. Dip - lo - do - cus. Now, watch as I write the four parts of the word on the board. You can see that they are spelt just as they are pronounced. That long word doesn’t seem so hard to spell now, does it?

Does someone want to come up to the board and try it with another word? A few hands up... how about... Andrea! That’s it, come to the front of the class, dear. Here’s a piece of chalk for you to use. Now, think carefully...

Butt - er - fly! Very good, Andrea! That word has three syllables, doesn’t it? And it is spelt just as it is pronounced. Good girl. You can take a gold star from my desk on the way back to your seat.

Use this technique whenever you are faced with an unfamiliar word and you won’t go too far wrong. And for those words that are spelt or pronounced inconsistently, you can make an attempt that is phonetically correct and then learn the specific spelling afterwards. The important thing is to build a spelling framework up in your head: you can fit exceptions (such as the silent ‘t’ in ‘beret’) into this framework as you come across them.

Now, I want to see how well you can all spell, so we are going to have a test. The papers are already on your desks. Julie! Rolling your eyes won’t get you out of doing the test, young lady, so we’ll have less of that. And I think the class has seen quite enough of your Diplodocus impression, thank you.

The test has ten questions. Each question consists of a sentence that has a word missing. The missing word is one of the answers: A, B, C. Pick the answer you think is correct. Write 1B, 2C, 3A and so on. Work quietly and carefully, and do not look up from your test paper. Anyone caught looking at another pupil’s paper will be in serious trouble. And do just try your best: no-one will be punished for getting questions wrong.

Is that all clear? Good. You may turn your papers over and begin.


Mary wasn’t sure ____ ice cream flavour to try.
A: wich        B: witch        C: which

I think my dog has ____.
A: fleas        B: flees        C: flease

The spanking Mary was given made her ____.
A: whale        B: wale        C: wail

It is always nice to ____ a gift from a friend.
A: recieve        B: receive        C: resieve

Walking through nettles with bare legs is not ____.
A: recommended    B: reccomended    C: reccommended

Sometimes it is ____ to administer a smacked bottom.
A: nessesary        B: neccesary        C: necessary

Janet would often burst into song ____.
A: spontaneusly    B: spontaneously    C: spontaniously

That little girl ____ needs a cuddle.
A: definitely        B: definately        C: defenitely

Stacy found shoe shops ____.
A: irresistable        B: irresistible        C: iresistible

Brad is a stickler for ____, so he always gives Emily the same number of swats to each cheek.
A: equillibrium    B: equalibrium    C: equilibrium


  1. Piss off! Spelling is for idiots. George Bernard Shaw said that if you asked a six year old to spell Colonel on the board, and he spelled it correctly, he should be committed to an institution.

    I'll take spelling seriously when you take it seriously, and define a proper alphabet, as Shaw did, and spell the words in a way that makes some bloody sense. At the very least, give us Americans something worth stealing!

  2. Miss Hasler sorry I missed the first class I was nervous but where do we put our test when we are done?

  3. You can write your answers here or email them to me, Timmy.

    And you can always attempt the exercises from the first class. I might insist you do, in fact, as punishment for truancy.

  4. Here are my answers Miss

    Also my mommy already spanked me for missing school

  5. Thank you for taking the test, Timmy. I shall grade your paper shortly.

    And I'm very glad to hear that your mother punished you for skipping school. I sincerely hope that your spanking taught you an important lesson: playing truant is NOT acceptable behaviour, young man.

  6. *Blushes*
    She also ordered me to ask you to spank me over your knee bare bottom for it

  7. Is that so? Well, I can fully understand her wishing such a thing. She must be VERY disappointed in you, after all.

    Rest assured that you shall receive a spanking, my boy, though I am far too busy to deal with a little pest like you right now. You will sit at your desk with your hands on your head until I call you to the front of the class. Is that understood?

  8. Yes Miss
    But please don's spank me too hard

  9. Timmy - take your hands down and get that naughty bottom here.

  10. Yes miss

  11. That's right, come and stand to the side of my chair. Don't worry, you will be over my knee soon enough. But first I want to make an example of you in front of the class.

    Truancy is a very serious offence, Timmy. You are in school to learn, after all. And your teachers spend a lot of time and effort preparing your lessons. And how do you repay them? By skipping school!

    Miss Hasler flashed out a hand and gave Timmy's bottom a firm smack.

    Stand still, boy! I do dislike fidgeting!

    You are a very, VERY naughty little boy, and I am VERY cross with you. I hope you are very sorry for what you did, and I hope there will never be a repeat of it.

  12. Just don't use the hairbrush

  13. Ouch Ouch stop please

  14. Oh, DO be quiet boy! One of the things that children should learn is to only speak when spoken to - you have clearly not learned that particular lesson yet!

  15. O just spank me already I've waited long enough

  16. I BEG your pardon? I've NEVER heard such insolence!

    Enraged, Miss Hasler pulled the rude little boy across her knee, took her hairbrush in hand and commenced the badly-needed spanking with aplomb.


    Skipping class indeed!


    You can kick your feet all you like, my boy! You're not going anywhere!



  18. *Miss Hasler clamps her legs down on top of Timmy's preventing further kicking*


  19. SMACK-smacksmackSMACK! smack-smackSMACK-smack!

    Perhaps the NEXT time you think about skipping class and being rude to your teacher you will think of the consequences!

  20. *as the spanking continues Timmy's bottom starts to turn a crimson shade of red but the enraged Miss Hasler continues pounding poor Timmy's bottom. Now he begins to lie limp over Miss Hasler's ever so smooth legs*

    Ow Ow Ow Please it hurts so much Do stop

  21. WHAT have I told you about speaking without permission?


    I'll beat that insolence out of you, my boy, if you have to stay in school for twenty years!

    And Timmy's little squirming bottom was walloped with the sturdy hairbrush until it glowed an agonised red all over. Poor Timmy had cried himself hoarse by the time the spanking was over, but his teacher's expression remained icily cool.

  22. Now, I hope you have learned a valuable lesson today, young man.

  23. *sniff is it over please no more*


    P.S. Are you continuing this series I'm loving it :)

  24. Yes, Timmy, your spanking is over. Now get up and stand in the naughty corner. Hands on your head, and I don't want to hear a peep from you!

    P.S. Of course! There are endless things to learn about in English! And I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  25. Yes Miss

    *Timmy then hobbles over to the corner and stands there sniffing with Imreadonly*


    P.S. I also love that picture you posted for your I'll Give you a read rump my boy article. So Sexy!.

  26. Miss Hasler demurely smoothed her pencil skirt out and looked out on the rows of little faces in her class.

    Now, we'll have the rest of you working, if you please!

    P.S. I know - I read your comment there! Miss Hasler sees all...

  27. *thirty minutes pass*
    Miss Hasler can I come back and join the class.
    I'm exited to see my grade on the test


  28. Very well, Timmy. Pull your shorts up and go and sit at your desk.

  29. Yes Miss


  30. Timmy, you got 5 out of 10 correct in the test (Q1, Q3, Q5, Q6, Q8). That is a fair effort as there were some tricky words in there.

  31. Did that count for a grade?
    I think I could do better than that :(

    English has never been my best subject.


  32. You get a C grade, Timmy.

    And just remember that you can always improve.

  33. Imreadonly hasn't got his spanking yet Miss Hasler.
    And I'll set a goal to get better at spelling :)


  34. Miss Hasler looked sternly at Timmy.

    I'll thank you not to inform me of my duties, young man.

    But I am glad that you are keen to improve your spelling - it is an important skill.

    Now, sit and work quietly, please.

    (Because real life Penny has to go afk for the night)

  35. *Little Andrea hands in her answers*


    Some of those were very hard, Miss. Just like your spankings. I have a question. Sometimes a word like colour is spelled with a 'u' and other times without, why is that, Miss?

  36. So why do Brits put in all the stupid extra letters, like the u in color?

  37. I'm not British! I'm Australian, and that's very rude! I'm going to tell Miss Hasler on you!

  38. Be quiet and sit still, imreadonly2! You are in the naughty corner for a reason, young man.

  39. Thank you for completing the test, Andrea dear. And that is an excellent question.

    It is one that doesn't have a simple answer, however.

    I think it is most important to realise that English as we use it today (whether in England, Australia, America or anywhere else) did not come to us ready-made and complete, as if from the sky. It is a living, changing thing that both draws upon other languages and constantly evolves over time.

    Did you know that many English words are drawn from Latin? And others from French? And Greek? It's as if these languages are themselves colours (or colors), and English is a unique colour that is made by mixing them together. Let's say, for the sake of example, that it's a nice red colour, like the colour of a spanked bottom. British people like a particular shade of red, but Americans want the red to be a little lighter, hence some words are spelt a bit differently in 'American English'.

    'o-u-r' endings to words are a good example of the way English changes over time. Once, more words ended with 'our' than do today: 'superior' was once spelt 'superiour', can you believe! These different endings reflect the influences of French and Latin upon English, with 'our' (from French) predominant in the time after the Norman conquest, and 'or' (from Latin) altering the spelling of some words during and after the Renaissance.

    There is certainly plenty of inconsistency in the spelling of such words, even within 'British English', but this is easier to understand when you think of the myriad influences our language has drawn upon, and the length of time it has evolved over.

  40. Sorry I'm late Miss Hasler (running in, all dishevelled, out of breath).

    Here are my answers! CACBACBABB

    Oh, and my Mom wants to talk to you about something...

  41. Julie! It's about time, girl! Sit down at your desk this instant.

    I shall be delighted to speak with your mother. She is outside, I take it?

    Sit and work quietly while I'm out of the room, children. NO naughtiness.

  42. Miss Hasler I take it? Hello. pleased to meet you. I'm Julie's Mom.

    I understand that at the last class you gave Julie a spanking??? Certainly her little bottom was as red as a fire engine. I must say, my husband and I are a little upset about this. Can you explain what happened, please?

  43. How do you do, Mrs Julie's Mom.

    Yes, I did give Julie a spanking in the last class as her behaviour warranted one. She is a bright girl - she has done very well with her work so far - but she seems to enjoy being mischievous and teasing the other children.

    It was for taunting one boy in particular - after being warned, more than once, not to - that Julie was given her spanking. I instructed her to stop sticking her tongue out at him: an instruction she flagrantly disobeyed.

    I hope that you can now see that Julie's spanking was deserved. Disobedience of the kind she showed can not go unpunished, if one is to maintain order in the classroom.

  44. I see no reason for you to be rude to me Miss Hasler. My name is Mrs. Jones, as in "Jones Hall". I am a major contributor to the school's advancement initiative so one would think that would gain one a modicum of respect from a new teacher such as yourself? I take it you enjoy your teaching position here, Miss Hasler?

    It's not a question of Julie's behaviour. She can be quite a brat, and my husband and I regularly discipline her, in ways not dissimilar to your own.

    The question is entirely apart from that, Miss Hasler.

    My understanding of the rules -- as the Chair of the Parents' Committee that drafted these rules so I believe I speak with some authority on these matters -- is that all students subject to corporal punishment from their teachers require a form to be signed at the start of each new school year by the parents.

    I am sure most parents sign these as a matter of course in the welcome kits. However, it is my husband's and my practice to first meet with each teacher before giving them that authority. That has clearly not happened in this case.

    So tell me, Miss Hasler, are you ignorant of these rules or do you deliberately choose to flout them?

  45. I do apologise, Mrs Jones. I didn't put two and two together. Now I can see the family resemblance!

    And I appreciate the points you make. If I may be so bold as to counter one of those points, however, I would say that the matter is very much a question of your daughter's behaviour.

    I have a large and lively class, and in my experience it does not take much for children to lose focus. Julie spent much of the last lesson being deliberately disruptive. Now, I ask you: is it fair that other children - children who wish to learn - should have their lesson interrupted by one individual? Even if that individual's mother is Chair of the Parents' Committee? Is it right that a disruptive child should not be punished in front of the class, in order to show them, and the other children, the consequences of bad behaviour?

    I would also point out that this was my first time in charge of this group of children, and so a crucial opportunity to establish my authority. I like to think that I am a good judge of children's behaviour, and I believed prior to punishing Julie that, were I to use the only other sanction open to me - that of sending her to the naughty corner without a spanking - that she would have continued being disruptive.

    I therefore made the decision that a spanking - something she was anxious for another pupil to be given, incidentally - would be more effective in focusing her mind on the lesson. As it turned out, she continued being naughty even after she had been spanked and sent to sit in the corner. I can only think that she was aware of your delay in signing her consent form and so was determined to be naughty while she had the chance.

    I hope that my explanation satisfies you, and that you will sign and return Julie's consent form in due course. If your delay is down to misgivings about my competence, I can only stand on my record as a teacher of English. As I am sure you are aware, I was hired by this school on the basis of that record.

  46. My issue, Miss Hasler, has to do with the severity of your punishment, not with its being deserved or not, as I'm sure it was.

    You see when Julie got home she was snippy and insolent to me. I had her father give her a jolly good dose of the tawse. As he bared her bum he noticed your attempt at disciplining our daughter. No wonder she was snippy at home! If that is your idea of discipline, you are only teaching her that she can mouth off and suffer no more than a kindergarten spanking! What are you teaching her? As a scion of our class, Julie needs to understand the meaning of discipline. When she becomes a grown woman and has to deal with the lower classes they'll walk all over her with your approach to discipline!

    That is why we insist on speaking with the teachers before the first discipline, to ensure they will do a proper job of it. Your blatant disregard for the school rules has robbed us of that opportunity, and now my husband and I will have to work very hard to correct Julie's attitude, and it will have to be very harsh on the girl, due to your neglect.

    Now, I see an empty classroom over there. Go fetch the senior girl's cane and meet me there. I'll demonstrate what a proper thrashing entails on your bare bottom, Miss Hasler. And do be discrete. No reason for the children to know about it. Goodness knows they have little enough respect for you as it is. On second thoughts, make it the senior boys' cane. I'm sure that plump bottom of yours will require at least that.

    Unless of course, you would like for me to bring up the matter of your rule-breaking with the Head, that is?

  47. Oh...

    I... that is, I..., Mrs Jones. Please don't tell the Head.

    Miss Hasler lowered her chin in submission. She could see that there was no getting away from her fate. The young teacher trotted off to fetch the cane, her face colouring slightly with shame and fear.

  48. Entering the empty classroom as quietly as a mouse, Miss Hasler felt anything but a teacher. She felt like a schoolgirl; a naughty schoolgirl. The cane she held in her hand had, of course, a great deal to do with that feeling. The lady who would soon wield that instrument was waiting for her, back turned, hands on her hips.

    Mrs Jones... I'm here.

    Miss Hasler could not meet the gaze of Mrs Jones when that lady turned to face her. She simply handed the cane to her and stood, head bowed, awaiting instruction.

  49. Mrs. Jones turned and saw the pretty young teacher, Miss Hasler, coming into the empty classroom, a slight blush still on her cheeks, carrying a cane.

    Do close the door, Miss Hasler. Let me see that cane.

    Mrs. jones takes the thick, heavy cane from Miss Hasler's hand and swishes it through the air several times, Miss Hasler cringing each time.

    This will do very nicely indeed.

    You are entirely too lenient on these children, Miss Hasler. I will now demonstrate what I expect from you. Mind you, Julie's tender young bum could hardly stand up to this senior boys' cane, however you are a grown woman and can handle much more. Now remove your knickers and hand them to me.

    Miss Hasler blushes furiously, but removes her knickers and hands them to Mrs. Jones.

    Lovely. Bend over that desk, and clutch the far side.

    Miss Hasler gracefully and submissively bends across the teacher desk at the front of the room, painful memories of her own not so distant school days flooding back into her head.

    Mrs. Jones uses the tip of the cane to flip up the back of the penitent teacher's dress, exposing creamy buttocks framed by dark stockings and black garter belt.

    It is nice to see teachers dressing properly, Miss Hasler. You are to be commended for setting a fine example for the girls, at least in this regard.

    Let us have those legs spread, shall we? Humiliation also is part of a girls' punishment. If they have misbehaved and now have to show off their little vaginas and bumholes to the other boys and girls as they are being thrashed, well that is only what they deserve, is it not? I see you keep yourself well-groomed down there, Miss Hasler. Another point in your favour.

    Now you shall have six hard cuts with the senior boys' cane to understand what a true punishment is, and do not think I shall spare the backs of your pretty thighs. Are you ready? I wish for you to count, begging me humbly for each stroke, making sure to cover off all the reasons you deserve this thrashing, and no repeating yourself or the stroke will not count. Am I making myself understood?

    You may proceed...

  50. Even though she found herself bent over a desk, dress raised, awaiting the cane, Miss Hasler still could not quite take in that this was all happening. Her voice, normally clear and crisp, had a timid, hesitant quality, betraying her disbelief and trepidation.

    Yes, Mrs Jones... I- I understand.

    She took a deep breath.

    Please, Mrs Jones - I'm ready. Please give me the first stroke... I deserve it for punishing Julie so lightly.

  51. Bending the cane in satisfaction at the young teacher's fearful compliance, and in anticipation of applying six painful strokes to the inviting female bottom that lay before her, Mrs Jones allowed a small smile to curl her lips, but only for a moment.

    She held the cane out full length and tapped it a few times against Miss Hasler's trembling rear.

    "Very well, girl - let THIS be a lesson to you!" she cried.

    With a deft flick of her wrist, she brought the thick cane scorching down across Miss Hasler's bottom, right across the fleshiest latitude.

    Miss Hasler yelped in pain at the stinging caress. She had not been given corporal punishment of any kind for quite some time, and the sudden, scorching bite of the cane across her soft, bare buttocks shocked her. She winced, screwing her eyes up in an attempt to retain as much of her dignity as was left to her.

    Thank you, Mrs Jones...

    ...please may I have another? I deserve it for punishing your daughter before I had your permission...

  52. Taking the cane back further this time, raising it higher, and bringing it arcing down through the air with far more vigour, Mrs Jones really let poor Penelope have it. The second stroke landed less than an inch lower than the first, and the unfortunate teacher on the receiving end yelped with appropriate earnestness.

    OWWwww! Oh! Th-thank you, Miss!

    The humbled young teacher did not even realise that she had called Mrs Jones 'Miss', as if she were a teacher and Miss Hasler her pupil: it was an entirely instinctual expression that spoke volumes for her submission.

    Please, Miss! Please can I have another? I deserve it for being rude to you when we first met!

  53. Poor Miss Hasler could not keep tears from forming after the third scorching stroke. The senior boy's cane was a fearsome implement, and in the hands of one as stern as Mrs Jones it was a wickedly painful one. She clutched the edge of the desk, wishing that she could reach back and rub the soreness away, and gulped back a tear in order to speak.

    Th-thank you, Miss..!

    Please, Miss! P-please can I have another? I d-deserve it for sending a snippy girl home to you!

  54. The fourth punishing stroke, delivered across the tops of her thighs, made Miss Hasler cry out like a scolded child, tossing her head back and wailing in distress without the slighest concern for who might hear. Her composure was quite lost; now she only felt humiliation, regret, and awful, burning discomfort.

    But she knew, even with the burning fire in her rear, that she had to speak. She had to thank her tormentor, and she had to ask her for another stroke.

    Ohhh... oh! Thank you, M-Miss!

    Please, Miss...


    ...please can I have another? I deserve it for...

    She gulped hard.

    ...for being so long over bringing you the cane!

  55. Miss Hasler's yelp at the fifth stroke came as a pitiful punctuation mark in a constant, sorry stream of sobbing. With each swish of the cane, and each passing moment, she felt more and more like a pupil rather than a teacher; a slip of a schoolgirl bent over for a caning for misbehaving in class. How ironic that she was being punished for administering just such a punishment to a girl in HER class!

    Penelope, or 'Penny' as she now thought of herself, would have given anything to be allowed to stand. But she was, as she had said to Mrs Jones when discussing that lady's daughter, a good judge of character. And she knew - she was quite sure, in fact - that, were she to stand without permission she would sorely regret it.

    Thank you, Miss...

    P-please, Miss-- please may I have another?

    I DESERVE it! I... deserve it...

    I deserve it for being a naughty little girl...

  56. The final stroke was a zinger. The five that had come before it had been hard; mercilessly so. Poor Penny's fair skin already bore a series of painfully sore red streaks that looked as awful as they felt.

    But Mrs Jones flashed the cane down across the poor howling girl's rear without the slightest hint of regret. Poor Penny yowled at the top of her voice at the agonising sensation, and she lay limply across the desk, sobbing, after the frightful stroke had been delivered. Her poor bottom was on FIRE, and she had seldom felt so wretched.

    It was some time before she could speak, but the tearful teacher eventually managed to squeak out a sorry little word of thanks.

    Th-thank you... M-Miss..!

    I'm s-sorry I was so n-naughty..!

  57. Mrs. Jones walked up to the trembling teacher and ran her hand across the raised welts left from the stern application of the senior boys' cane. Miss Hasler trembled as Mrs. Jones hands ran across her bottom, letting out a moan as her hand brushed past the quivering teacher's sex.

    Let that be a lesson for you, Miss Hasler, on the kind of discipline that is required for my daughter. A little hand spanking may be fine for the other children, but if Julie is to grow up to be a disciplined young lady, the kind of young lady she must become, the kind of young lady we expect her to become, she needs considerably more.

    Julie is a very bright girl, but she does not apply herself. That spelling test you had the children do? Julie finished it in three minutes flat, and she likely got enough of the questions correct that she will receive nothing but praise from you. Should she be praised for a lack of application? I think not. Punished is more like.

    A strict caning, as I have given you, ensures a well-behaved girl for some time to come. By dominating the girl completely, she will learn how to dominate in later life.

    I shall expect far better from you in future, Miss Hasler. If my Julie comes home again with nothing by a red bum, we shall have a repeat of your lesson, but with twelve cuts instead of six. I hope I am being clear.

    Now stand up and replace your knickers. Julie's signed discipline form is beside you. The 'Special Notes' section should give you enough leeway to properly deal with my daughter.

    Now, I believe you have a class to teach. Good day, Miss Hasler. You have promise. Do not disappoint me.

  58. Still sobbing, the crestfallen teacher meekly obeyed Mrs Jones's instructions. She took her knickers from the chair on which they rested and carefully stepped into them, wincing in discomfort as the tight cotton was pulled up over her punished cheeks.

    Smoothing her dress back down, she wondered if she would be able to sit again that day, or if she would have to give the rest of her classes standing. She wanted nothing more than to lie on her bed at home and cry. But she knew that she had to get back to her pupils, for they had been left alone for some time.

    Without a word, she took Julie's discipline form - as timidly as if it were her own - and limped painfully out of the room. She took a deep breath in the hallway outside her own room, steadying herself, then stepped inside.

  59. The almighty himself comes to Penny at this time, and reassures her to grin and bare it.This administration problem is from the school office, and when all comes right,Julies mothers supposed powers will be curtailed.

  60. Penny smiled at the almighty's suggestion to grin and bare it, as 'baring it' was what she had just been obliged to do in the other classroom. But she appreciated the thought nonetheless.

    Now, children... if you have all completed the test you may sit and draw pictures in your jotters. Quietly, mind.

    Imreadonly2, you may take the dunce's cap off and return to your seat.

    Penny sat carefully down upon her chair and filed Julie's discipline slip in the top drawer of her desk. She gave the girl a momentary, strict glance, images of the future caning she would give her flashing across her mind's eye. She squirmed a little, trying to sit as comfortably as she could on her welted behind, then set to marking test papers.

  61. Miss Hasler looked up from the papers on her desk. She fixed the young man in the third row with a stern glare.

    Harry Bunter... I don't see your test paper here on my desk. You have taken the test, I presume?

  62. There's a good boy. Now hurry back to your seat and sit quietly while I mark your paper.

  63. Harry was smug with himself, Miss was very strict but also kind. Harry didn't suddenly fancy a tanning in front of the whole class and the way things where looking with Miss Haslers pursed lips,he was glad he wasn't in the firing line.Harry was now very clear about
    something Someone was going to get it and was willing
    the time away to revel in their discomfort.
    If that person was Julie, teachers every stroke would be like laughter his heart.

  64. Julie looked over at Miss Hasler to be sure she wasn't watching, then stuck out her big long pink tongue right at little harry bunter!

    Then the bell rang and all the children, and Miss Hasler too, got to go home for the day. Next day's class would come soon enough...

  65. Board of Goveners to Head Master:
    In light of recent administration errors on behalf of some of our bigger patrons, we have invited Mrs Spanks to join the board;consent for discipline forms will be dealt with from now on by the office,they will take responsibility for informing teachers on pupils status from now on.