Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Penny in a pear tree


I’m back from my stay with my family and am safely ensconced in my little lair once again. I hope you have all had lovely holidays and have lots of new toys to play with (do tell)! I myself mainly got things to wear and things to eat (that is, enough choklit to see me to April) but way better than the things – lovely as they are – was just getting to see my folks.

Now I’m back with BH and am seriously hankering for a spankering... we’ll hopefully see to that later tonight! And I’m very happy to report that I have not one but two brand new kinky garments to play in: a maroon gym skirt and a grey school pinafore. Oh, they are lovely! And what a nice decision to have to make... I think I might have to play in my netball kit first. The scenario writes itself, after all: naughty Penny skips netball practice (and fibs about it) and Daddy is most displeased... oh! I wonder if a certain little madam is going to be taught a painful lesson? One that involves her pretty pleated skirt being flipped up and her gym knickers yanked down?

It’s for her own good, after all... ;)


  1. Welcome back. I glad you enjoyed your holiday.

    I bet you look pretty in your new outfits.


  2. Aw Joey, you are just the sweetest. Thank you for the welcome back. I hope you had a cool yule!

    And my new outfits still have to be tried on... but I'm sure I'll be extremely pretty in them. ;)

  3. Welcome back Penny, glad you enjoyed your Christmas and let's hope you have a spanking good 2013.

  4. Happy to see you back safe and cozy. I'm wishing you a good sound spankering. :)

  5. Hugs to Aunty and TFD! I'm glad to be back with my kinky family :) and I hope you are having lovely holidays.

  6. Welcome back Penny.

    I bet you can't wait to wear that grey school pinafore :)

  7. Thank you, Dante!

    And you can read me like a book... I can't wait! It is VERY dull and boring and unflattering (and genuine). YUM. :D