Sunday, 2 December 2012

I will not show my panties off, I will not show my...

As you may have gathered from various past scribblings, I do rather enjoy school-type punishment. Not just the dressing-up and the spankings (though they are both extremely yummy), but the detentions and the lines and the corner time too. I love the feeling of being reduced in status; reduced to a naughty schoolgirl who can be ordered around and told off and set tedious, old-fashioned exercises ‘for her own good’. It’s deeply ironic, I’m sure, but I rarely feel as wonderfully free as I do when I’m in my uniform writing BORING, SILLY lines under pain of a thrashing.

Another favourite kinky thing of mine is ‘remote discipline’: that is, being taken in hand and punished by someone even though they aren’t physically present to grab me by the arm and swat my behind. So I was as happy as a Fifth Former with the keys to the tuckshop when I was introduced by a penpal (okay, by a strict Top who keeps me in line) to a website that combines both of these things: Line Punishment!

The name basically says it all: LP is an internet-y way to set someone (or even set yourself) lines as a punishment. There are lots of options that can be set, such as the number of repetitions, adding on extra lines for mistakes, and even having the line to be copied out flipped upside-down! Once a task has been set up, the line writer logs in, enters the appropriate access code and begins. There is a time limit for the task (set by the person who created it), and closing the browser window is logged, so once you start you had better see it through! I found that this condition gave me a wonderful sense of being seated at a school desk, beavering away at an inescapable and repetitive punishment, as if in detention under the watchful eye of a teacher. Yum.

Errors are logged, as is the time taken, and as the task setter knows the access code for your task he or she can check afterwards and see exactly how you did. And then take whatever action may be appropriate... :)

One option I didn’t much like was the insertion of random capital letters in the line to be copied out. So if, for example, the line is set as “I am a very naughty girl” it might appear as “I am A vEry naughtY girl” on the first repetition, “i aM a veRy nauGhty girL” on the second, and so on. Type a capital in the wrong place and that’s an error. While this ensures that the line-writer can’t cheat by copying and pasting the same line over and over, it is very counter-intuitive. (Some of us are honest about our punishments, you know!) Happily, a non-capitalised setting has recently been added so everyone is catered for. (And now I have no excuse to get out of my punishment, wah).

So there you have it. If you have a hankering for typing lines like a naughty little brat, Line Punishment is the website you need. And I think it might come in very useful for Miss Hasler’s naughty pupils, so be warned, class!

P.S. Should you ever find yourself writing lines in this virtual detention room, ignore the button on the line-writing screen that says ‘Submit Current Line’: just hit the Return key when you have finished each one. Much easier, trust me.

P.P.S. If anyone would like to set me lines anytime, do please feel free. I have been quite naughty of late, after all. And I definitely deserve to be made to write ‘I will vote for the Spankee of the Month’ a hundred or so times. (Sorry Aunty!)


  1. Erm. Could you change to that 'I will show my panties off'? Because it'd be a great shame if we never got to see those again.

    On the other hand, you are such a naughty girl that we're probably in no danger of that.

    As you were.


  2. lol, thanks Underling! But I'm afraid I would never deliberately copy my lines out incorrectly...

    ...well, maybe I might.

    And, as you so astutely note, writing something as instructed and actually heeding what I had written are two separate matters! xx

  3. I had no idea something like LP existed. What will they think of next?

    It's great there's a site able to provide you with a sense of being a naughty schoolgirl seated in detention at her desk. Now what we need, though it won't be an inexpensive option, is a USB mechanical arm that can be controlled remotely by the disciplinarian. :)


  4. Wah! Such meanness! Such lovely, kinky meanness... :D

  5. From us at LP, thank you for the feedback and review.

  6. You're more than welcome - I love your site! Thanks for being smarty smarts and creating it.

  7. lol...Underling and TFD have some great comments. :)

    What a neat site! I had to go and check it out.

    How on earth do you copy something upside down while typing on a computer?

  8. I haven't actually tried that one yet - it does sound tricky, doesn't it? I guess I will find out just how tricky if someone sets me lines with that option turned on.

    Underling and TFD are sweety sweet sweets :) But also big meanies.

  9. This is cool I didn't know they had these out there


  10. It is cool, isn't it Timmy? I'll have to set you lines on it sometime and we can see how much you like it then. ;D

  11. Happy Christmas Penelope.

    I would be more than happy to set you lines to write out. Of course i will wait until the New Year unitl i set any lines for you to write. You can email me when you are ready for your punishment lines.

    When a naughty girl is sat in full school uniform writing out punishment lines it reminds her each time she writes the next line that the punishment is not going to be over anytime soon unlike a spanking.

    I usually find that with some naughty girls, writing lines in detention is far more effective than a spanking as lines are something that are more often given to a First Former than a Fifth Former, it also shows the naughty schoolgirl that she still under school rules and much behave or be punished.

  12. Happy Christmas Dante! Thank you so much for your kind gift - I look forward to receiving it! ;D

    And I agree completely with your thoughts on line-writing as a punishment. I love the sheer mundanity of it, the sense of it being a long, boring punishment... one that is given to immature, misbehaving schoolgirls! I promise to wear my full school uniform when writing my lines. (Does that get me a 10% reduction? *cheeky grin*)

  13. No reductions as its a punishment. Wearing school uniform is compulsory while writing lines.

    I will post here later this week after the New Year the lines you will write and how many.

  14. Aw.


    I've changed my mind. Stoopid school.

  15. lines are so boring - surely spanking is the only answer? :)

  16. Hehe, I am tempted to agree with you but I'm afraid I have to leap to the defence of lines: they are boring, yes, but that is a very large part of their appeal! :)

    (cf. corner time and groundings).