Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Midnight and moonlight and bright shining stars

Sorry about the relative quietness: this time of year is quite hectic, isn’t it? I haven’t had as much time to spend on my little blog as I might ordinarily, so apologies. I’ve got all my present-buying done though, so that’s one thing at least. Just need to wrap them now.

It was the office Christmas party on Friday (do they have those in other countries? Office parties, that is, not Fridays) and I will confess I did get plastered pleasantly merry. Free bar! No spankable naughtiness (as far as I can recall) though, sorry. Or does drinking too much, flirting, saying everything MUCH TOO LOUD, dancing suggestively with other girls and generally being a raucous an effervescent little madam in a low-cut frock and impractical heels count as being naughty? Hopefully not. (Thank goodness it was on a Friday rather than a Thursday like last year, btw. World class lie-in with a thumping headache the following day!)

I’ve got a very silly thing (nearly) ready that I hope will amuse you, so that will hopefully go up midweek. Right now I have a moderately silly thing in the form of a Christmas-themed limerick. Based on a true story, as they say:

What Girls on the Naughty List Get

When Penny was sent in to see
Mr Claus about being naughty,
Her charms cut no ice
And in half a trice
She found herself over his knee.


  1. Penny,

    Enjoyed the limerick.


  2. There was a young chappie named Joe
    Who loved to be naughty (fraid so).
    His bottom was tanned
    By a strict lady's hand
    Oh, how his pert buttocks did glow!

  3. Thank you Penny. (Blush)



  4. you never stop coming up with good limericks do you

    keep of the good and naughty work

  5. I love your poems. :)


    Too noisy, too naughty from drinking
    What on God's earth was Penelope thinking?
    Her attire was risky
    Her behavior so frisky
    Next week Santa will have that girl shrinking.

  6. Young Timmy was sitting in class
    Admiring his teacher's fine ass.
    "I would like to nail
    That exquisite tail...
    Ideally, face down on the grass."

  7. He roasted her bottom with glee
    And scolded her mercilessly.
    The firm-handed man
    Was none other than
    That lovable rogue TFD!

    (Thanks so much for the lovely poem) xxx

  8. Penny you never fail to delight. I notice you said my prize for being both the 1,000th and the 2,000th comment on your blog was to have you write something. One of those gorgeous little limericks about you and I would be greatly appreciated, sweetness.

  9. Thank you, Aunty! :)

    Here is your prezzie poem. I hope you like it:

    "Please, Aunty!" wailed Penny in vain,
    "I won't ever do it again!"
    "It's too late for that,
    You troublesome brat --
    My hairbrush will shortly explain!"

  10. Because you're special you get two poems. This one's more gentle and sweet:

    A loving Aunt bidding goodnight:
    There ne'er was a more tender sight.
    "I love you," she said,
    Kissed her niece's blonde head,
    And tucked her lil princess in tight.

  11. Thank you Penny. Not one limerick, but two, showing different sides to me. I feel very flattered, darling.

  12. Well thank you, Miss Penelope.
    To be noticed is what fills me with glee.
    But to roast and to scold
    Without pity, that's cold...
    Surely you cannot mean me.


  13. Office Christmas parties are a special torment for bad girls and boys. Hm, is that why you were attending, Miss Penny? :D

  14. You're welcome, Aunty - I'm glad you like them :D

    Another TFD poem! Thank you! :) And I so mean you, cos you're so mean!

    And I think it was, Ana. Imma bad, bad girl! I'm just glad it wasn't a 'school disco' themed affair... I think my kinkiness might have taken over and got me into all kinds of trouble.