Thursday, 13 December 2012

Searching for Santa

Not, as you might assume, a festive reworking of Waiting for Godot, but a silly little something that I spotted in my blog stats; specifically an amusing little juxtaposition in the section that tells me the things folks have typed into search engines prior to visiting The World’s Best Blog*:

Now, admittedly I am getting lots of searches for Santa-related spankiness at the moment, (tis the season!) and people of course find my blog by entering my name into Google, but still... hmf! Me, being spanked by Santa! Just imagine such a thing!

Just imagine...

...poor, sweet, innocent me, held firmly in place across Santa’s lap... my pretty blue party dress pinned up against my back by his heavy hand... my pink cotton knickers twisted humiliatingly round my flailing ankles... my little face a picture of sorrow and wet with tears... and all the while Santa’s other hand merrily slaps my squirming bare cheeks the vivid red colour of his suit. “Ow! Ow!” I yelp, sounding for all the world exactly like a naughty little brat getting just what she needs and deserves. “Ho-ho-ho!” Santa chuckles, the big, jolly, old meanie.

It would all be rather like this, I suppose! :D

*The world’s best blog called ‘Naughty Little Writer’, anyway. (Unless there’s another one someplace).


  1. I can imagine it very clearly, and what a sight. You must have been a very good girl this year. :D


  2. I like the picture you paint with your words.


  3. Hmm. If you're getting spanked over Santa's lap and you WANT to be spanked over Santa's lap, is it because you've been a very good little girl, or a very bad one? ;-)

    BTW, I have that cartoon as an animated .gif and it's much better that way. Drop me a line if you want me to email it to you...

  4. I'm sure Santa just wants your little bottom to match his suit, Penny.

  5. Aw, you're all very sweet. Or is it very mean? ;)

    I certainly would like to see that cartoon as an animation, smuccatelli! Please send it forthwith!

    And here's a thing, Aunty. Your comment is the two thousandth on my blog - and you also made the one thousandth! Some sort of prize is surely in order.

  6. Really and truly? What's my reward, darling?

  7. Penny puts her finger to her lips and finks.

    I could write you a little story, or a poem, or draw you a picture, or anyfin you like really. Let me know what you'd like! :)

  8. What, no offers yet to don a fake beard and red suit and have a little sitdown with you to discuss how bad a girl you`ve been this year...

    Well, if nobody else will, I guess I`ll have where did I leave that white hairspray...oh, there it is, right beside the beard brush. How convenient.

  9. Aww RR, you're so sweet! Uh, I mean Santa.

    B-but, you say I've been a bad girl? There must be a mistake in your paperwork... maybe an elf put my name in the wrong column?


  10. Hi Penny!

    In order to send you the animation, I'm pretty sure I need an email addy, as I see now way to attach a file here.
    If you wish, you may contact me at

  11. Aw, thanks smuccatelli! I shall do just that.