Saturday, 8 December 2012

Dear Santa, love Penny

Wanna see something cute and Christmassy? And by cute I mean really goshdarn cute? (You just know this is going to involve Little Penny, don’t you?) ;D

The young Miss Hasler, like many, many other little girls and boys the world over, writes a letter to Santa each year. Her Daddy tells me that she penned this year’s missive – in her very carefullest handwriting, on her special snowy notepaper, mais oui – on Thursday evening, lying on the rug in front of the fire, so deep in concentration that she didn’t answer when asked if she would like a yummy hot chocolate. (Daddy brought her one anyway). Trust me, that says a lot about the importance of the undertaking.

I feel a bit mean showing Penny’s sekrit and confidential correspondence to you but it is just too sweet not to share. Don’t worry, it will of course be safely delivered to Santa right after this. I hope reading it gives you the same warm feeling inside that it gave me. And I hope Penny gets everything she asks for.

Sorry... think I might have something in my eye. *sniff*


  1. Very clever Penny and very nice. Your note brings back fond memories of Christmas morning.


  2. Thanks, Joey :)

    I find it quite easy to channel my inner child as she isn't very far from the surface. One of my fondest memories is of charging into my parents' bedroom on Christmas Day at about six in the morning, full of joy and adrenaline, and proudly (and noisily) showing them the bright plastic toy Santa had brought me.

  3. That's cute
    I remember writing letters like this to Santa
    I could hardly sleep on Christmas eve

  4. Oh yes, getting to sleep on Christmas Eve! Truly a lovely problem to have. I loved the feeling of anticipation so much - it was magical.

  5. Well, you promised this would be goshdarn cute, and you did not lie. If Santa's listening, I'd like to second the motion that Little Penny get everything she asked for for Christmas ...and then some. She's really just that good.


  6. Thank you TFD, I'm really glad you like it. And don't worry - Santa reads my blog every day so he's bound to see your comment!

    Little Penny loves you too, btw.

  7. That is adorable, Penny. I hope little Penny gets everything she wants and Aunty Andrea is hard at work whipping up a batch of special Christmas biscuits for her.

  8. Yay! Thank you, Aunty. A big snuggly hug to you from little Penny :)