Sunday, 30 December 2012

The wonders you can do

I rather skipped over the non-kinky gifts I received for Christmas in this post, but I want to write a little bit about one in particular that BH bought me: a DVD of series 1 of Wonder Woman. (Yes, the TV show from the 1970s). Utterly fantastic. I don’t know if there are enough superlatives to fully capture its awesomeness, in fact.

Colourful, camp, funky, it’s like a blast of concentrated Americana. Never a bad thing. And what a great character WW is! Like all great characters she can of course represent all kinds of things to different people but to me she represents, above all, an uncompromisingly positive expression of femininity. I mean that in all seriousness, in case you were wondering: it’s this that transcends the comic-book structure of the show and sets it light years above things that are superficially similar, like the 1960s Batman TV show.

As her name might suggest, Wonder Woman can do all kinds of superhero-type ‘wonders’, but I think that these are purely allegorical to her real strength: her self-belief. (Just as her battles with various villains are allegorical to the ordinary woman’s various negotiations with the world). She personifies a paradigm of female dynamism, confidence and self-determination; a worldview in which women need not think themselves dependent upon men, or in any way secondary to them. With or without the star-spangled hotpants she is a woman who doesn’t need a big, strong man to help her deal with her problems; she’s a woman who takes no baloney and kicks righteous ass when it needs to be kicked, all without sacrificing one iota of her feminine essence. YEAH!

The significance of her being on the side of ‘right’ can’t be overstated, btw: traditionally, powerful women have been synonymous with evil and/or unnaturalness, as if a non-passive woman is an aberrance (think witches and the countless villainesses and wicked stepmothers of folklore and Western literature). Wonder Woman tears that particular rulebook up and shows that women can be strong and ‘good’. The show is easily as radical as anything Hélène Cixous and friends have written, and is IMO way more significant as it is right there in the centre of the American cultural mainstream.

The message of the show to me is that if one woman can liberate herself to think that way, then all women can, regardless of circumstances or context. I’m not ashamed to say that she’s a heroine of mine.

She also happens to have the coolest costume ever. I think I might have to put ‘Wonder Woman outfit’ at the top of my wish list for next Christmas. (Just wish I had a butt like Lynda Carter’s).

This post is nearly-but-not-quite a kinky think, btw, as it invites a think about feminism and kink, particularly on how one can reconcile (and justify to others) being an independent woman with being a submissive in a M/F (or F/F) relationship, but I’ll save that think for another time.

P.S. Does anyone else hear the WW theme music and want to rush off and fight crime that very instant?

P.P.S. I did dress up in my gym kit yesterday evening and was given a jolly good spankering over BH’s knee, skirt up, knickers down... and I did wail and promise to be a good girl in future and never ever to skip school again. I came so hard when BH fucked me afterwards that I thought I was going to explode. BLISS! (I’m sure any Martian readers will be very confused by this post).


  1. That reminds me, I never did submit my "colouring in for Miss Hasler" exercise... (as a fellow WW fan!) *blush* Also, the line "a woman who doesn’t need a big, strong man to help her deal with her problems" really resonates strongly for me right now, as I'm currently writing on the new 'Tomb Raider' game reboot which decided "badass and sexy" Lara Croft was offensive and unrelatable, but "hapless rape victim who needs a male helper" is apparently a positive change. :(

  2. Neat. I was not much of a TV watcher in those days. My impression of Wonder Woman was that it was something like the Batman show I watched as a kid. I enjoyed that show just because it was so silly and weird. From your description of it, it sounds like WW was a good character for the social consciousness of the time. If I'd been born later, I'm sure I'd have watched it, and I think WW would have been a favorite show of mine.

    As far as our kink goes, feminism is an important aspect of it for me. Remove the fantasy elements, and the real person I want to imagine involved in any top/bottom type of relationship is independent, at least in the sense that they're free to be who they want to be. Strength, confidence, and self-reliance are all attractive qualities. Vulnerability, dependence, and humility are human and beautiful. Despite the models we use for submission, it's an agreement between equals, not a representation of status.

    Good to hear you received your just deserts at home. Hugs. :)

  3. Nicely put, TFD - "an agreement between equals, not a representation of status". That is exactly how I see it, too. Even when I'm standing in the corner with a sore bottom, being scolded, feeling very small and silly, as I was last night!

    Bad Banjo! ;) But it's never too late: you can always send pics to Miss Hasler c/o me. And that 'Tomb Raider' change sounds very stupid.

  4. welcome back its good to hear that you had a good Christmas. Sounds like you had fun.


  5. The Wonder Woman costume has a very strong kink for me. I love it! Of course you have to have a certain type of body to carry it off. My favorite episode of "Bones" is the Halloween episode for that very reason (Emily Deschanel wears a WW costume for Halloween) and one of my favorite episodes of "The O.C." has Summer (Rachel Bilson) wearing a WW costume for her boyfriend Seth.
    Lynda Carter always looked fantastic in it.

  6. Wonder Woman is on my bucket list for spankers.

    Most of the female bottoms I know are very strong women in their vanilla lives. And, many male subs are as well.

    Sub does not equal weak.


  7. A show I always enjoyed. Lynda Carter looked so much like her drawn alter ego and I fantasised many times about being put over that lap.

  8. More great comments - thank you!

    I hope you had a nice Christmas too, Timmy.

    I haven't seen those shows, smuccatelli, but I bet the ladies in question look super hot. I have seen Penny in Big Bang dressed as WW and she looked gorgeous.

    Exactly, Joey! I suppose to an outsider looking in (particularly a vanilla person) it might seem different, but there's a world of difference between choosing to be submissive and being weak.

    Now I'm fantasising about you across Wonder Woman's lap, Aunty. Mmm... :D