Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Comings and goings

A little post about kinky links today, as I have recently added a few blogs to my collection of dear sweet pals but not written a little piece about them (as is customary round here).

I was actually introduced to these new chums thanks to the Liebster Award, or more exactly thanks to Joey nominating us for it all together. (So it was about more than just random ephemera, see!) And I’m very glad I was introduced to them, as they are all three uniquely charming. Three distinct voices; three interesting, vibrant, female perspectives. I was going to say that the spanking blogosphere never ceases to amaze me with its capacity for variation and interest, but that isn’t really correct. What never ceases to amaze me is the endless capacity of people to be interesting and unique.

That’s probably enough sucking up and amateur thinkology, so I’ll just say hello! to Flipping SpankCakes, Lea’s Corner, and XOXO, Beth. I am very glad to have found you.

Oh, and you are all very, very naughty girls, by the way. But then you knew that already.

Now, a much sadder thing. I’m very sorry to report that the excellent and longstanding MarQe’s Study blog has been retired this week. Like the sadly missed Mr Whacker, MarQe’s blog was one of the first sites I linked to when I started blogging, and it was always one of my favourite reads. The endless array of teasingly erotic images and suggestive notes – each of which spoke volumes about the sensual, strict, female-adoring predilections of the man behind the blog – were a daily pleasure, but what came across most strongly of all, and what I enjoyed most of all, was the unique air of sophistication that radiated from the page. When visiting I always felt like I had been granted a peek into an English gentleman’s private parlour, and could watch, like a blushing maidservant might, the naughty and refined goings-on within.

Thank you for turning a bad girl on, Mr MarQe xx


  1. Penelope,

    I am glad that you are enjoying the three bloggers.

    I also find it sad when bloggers I have followed for a while retire or disappear.


  2. And my enjoyment of them is thanks to you, hug hug!

    P.S. wow, you must get up early. I find it hard to crawl out of bed before the crack of noon ;D

  3. It's great to discover new great blogs, isn't it? The sad thing is that most bloggers only write their blogs for a certain time (maybe months, maybe a few years) and then they are gone. Writing a blog myself I can understand that many people don't want to do this forever, though. I don't know how long Ludwig and I will continue blogging, but I can imagine that the day might come when we decide to end our blogging adventure. Right now I don't want to give up blogging though. :-)

  4. Yay for that! *holds onto Kaelah*

  5. Thank you penny. As an phone blogger( slack) I've had trouble keeping a charge and up with things. Great to see Others. I can't help but think that it would be appropriate for BH to photo you penny in a similar way to Beth?
    I'm prosponed till tomorrow.harry

  6. Thanks for wanting to see more of me, Harry - that's very flattering. I'm afraid I'm not as brave as Beth, though, so it's baby steps for me.

    What sort of thing did you have in mind, out of curiosity? A post-spanking pic of my rear? My angelic face, frowning in discomfort? -> :(

  7. Both but the post spanking one is the first baby step. I can't see how one could do ones face .

  8. Indeed! But I imagine that one could pluck up the courage to post a pic of one's sore, freshly-spanked bottom at some point. ;)

  9. Great I'm sure all of your regular, loyal followers will appreciative.

  10. I hope so! And I'm sure all the visitors who just pop in looking for smut will be too. ;)

  11. Comes with the territory, I think! But that's alright. Just as long as no-one says something horrid and hurts my feelings, it's all good :)