Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Thanks! Danke vielmals! Bedankt!

I just wanted to pen a little thank you to all the kind souls who read this little blog. I appreciate every single one of you dropping by, and I hope that your days are brightened, even if just a little, by reading my scribbles. Naughtiness, horniness and kink are wonderful things, and if I can evoke or enhance any or all of these in just one person then I've done something worthwhile.

I'd also like to offer an apology for my posts being so few and far between. Offline life has been demanding of late, but most people's are and I will endeavour to write more frequently.

As a little gift to the imagination (and as I seemingly can't do anything without sneaking a little bit of kink into it), I would like you to picture the scene that will take place tonight. I will sit at my desk, in my blue summer school dress, white cotton panties round my ankles, my bottom quite naked against the cold, hard plastic of my 'school' chair. And I will write the following, one hundred times:

'I will post on my naughty little blog more often'.


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