Friday, 30 September 2011

“And just WHAT is going on in here?!”

“That’s quite enough wallowing in nostalgia (for a day or two, at least) for a bygone age of schooling…” Oh, who am I kidding? Here’s another lovely piece of old-fashioned school imagery for you to enjoy.

And what naughty schoolgirls it depicts! Fooling around in class like that – one can only imagine the punishment such behaviour will earn them.

So let’s go ahead and imagine...

Such a commotion as that in Room 4B would undoubtedly attract the attention of the Headmistress. And sure enough that formidable lady soon enters. A petrified hush immediately falls across the previously chaotic classroom.

The girls are of course severely reprimanded for their unspeakable behaviour, and informed in no uncertain terms that they will be made sorry for it. To that end they are instructed to bend over their desks, skirts raised, and each and every girl is given six of the best. Poor Libby Turner, who took no part in the pandemonium, is given two extra for protesting that she doesn’t deserve the cane.

The teacher, Miss Allenby, also receives a stinging rebuke for failing so egregiously to maintain order in her class. And, to her dismay, she is herself treated to a dose of the cane as a badly-needed reminder of her duties. Just like the girls in her class, she is made to raise her skirt and bend over her desk. "Th-thank you, Headmistress," she sniffs after each searing stroke. Once suitably disciplined she pulls her tight pencil skirt back down over her plump, welted bottom and timorously obeys the Headmistress's command to stand in the corner.

The girls spend the remainder of the lesson writing lines under the stern gaze of the Headmistress. When dismissed, they file out in silence. They will, however, return to Room 4B that evening for more of the same, for each girl is given a detention and a thousand lines.


  1. yes, that's exactly what I think of too, whenever I see those delicious book covers of prim or over excited young women in gymslips. thank you.
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  2. It's fascinating that the illustrator, has done most of the suggestion for us. The teacher with her raised hand, the girl practically bending over the desk. One could almost cut and paste a scene. I love these too, and use to look through my sisters mags looking for cp but never finding it. That was in the 70s