Tuesday, 20 September 2011

It's too late for sorry, my girl!

Well, that’s that. I’ve tweaked all I can tweak. I’m all tweaked out. And I’ve sent my stories to the publisher, too.

If I may, I will share some more musings while we wait for them to do their thing and Kindleify my scribblings.

Devoted Hasler-watchers may be interested to hear that one of my new stories marks a slight departure in that it is written in the first person, rather than my usual third-person, and that the first person in question is a married man (who takes his naughty wife in hand, naturellement). It was really interesting to place myself in his shoes – as per my last post on characterisation – and to try to imagine and represent his thoughts and feelings as he dominated his partner; particularly as he had never spanked her before. I imagine that the process (even allowing for the gender-hopping!) is not entirely dissimilar to the mental and emotional shift required of a BDSM ‘switch’ when he or she changes role.

The naughty wife in question is a teacher by profession, by the way, so she can also be said to undergo a switch in authority, albeit in the other direction… :-) I personally love this dynamic; the ‘taken down a peg or two’ discipline scenario. I think a lot of its kinky sting comes from the distance between the spankee’s starting point and the point to which they are brought, with the inevitable humiliation that they feel at being so diminished. “You can’t do this to me! Ooh! Oww!”


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