Sunday, 27 November 2011


Well, now I can honestly say that I know what it feels like to be caned.

It stings! Delightfully, wonderfully; there really is nothing else quite like it.

As promised, last night my better half and I played 'detention'. After nervously knocking on the bedroom teacher's office door, I was (as is customary) given a good telling-off for my bad behaviour and poor school grades. Midway through the lecture, BH nonchalantly picked up his new implement.

"Do you know what this is, girl?" he asked, ominously flexing the crooked-handled cane.

"Yes, Sir," I timidly answered.

"What is it?"

"A cane, Sir."

"That's correct. It is a cane. And do you know what canes are for?"

"For... punishing naughty girls, Sir?"

"Exactly. They are for punishing naughty little girls, like you. As your behaviour has shown no sign of improvement despite all the detentions you have received, I have decided that a more severe method of discipline is called for. After going across my knee for a good bare bottom spanking you will bend over and touch your toes for your first dose of the cane. Twelve strokes, each of which you will count and thank me for."

"Oh, but Sir! I don't want the cane!"

"Silence, girl! Such insolence only proves just how badly you need it! You have just earned yourself two extra strokes. I would advise you to watch your tongue unless you want to earn yet more."

I was scolded for a while longer, feeling very foolish (and very horny) in my all-too-authentic school uniform, occasionally fearfully raising my gaze from my feet to glimpse the cane. Having been thoroughly dressed-down and left in no doubt as to the punishment I could expect, within the next minute I was across my strict teacher's knee, my pleated grey school skirt pinned to my back by his firm hand, my white cotton knickers around my knees. I was spanked, hard, for easily ten minutes, and scolded throughout. (I do love to be scolded!)

And then it was time for the cane. I was made to stand and touch my toes, my knickers round my ankles, my skirt once again humiliatingly flipped up to leave my bottom bared and defenceless. A long, charged silence. Then...

"Ready, girl?

"Yes, Sir..." I whimpered uncertainly.

Another long, electrifying pause. I held my breath, feeling every inch the wayward little schoolgirl about to be deservedly punished.

Then with a sudden fearsome SWISH! the cane cut through the air and licked my bare bottom with a sharp, fiery sting.

"Ooh! One... thank you, Sir!"

SWISH! came a second stroke, equally firm and equally painful, a little lower on my cheeks this time.

"Two... thank you, Sir!"


"Ow! Three, thank you, Sir!"

I took eight hard strokes without losing position, despite the burning discomfort in my rear increasing with each. But the ninth made me jump up and clasp my hands to my bottom.

"YOUNG LADY! What did I tell you about remaining in position? GET BACK DOWN THIS INSTANT."

I fearfully bent over once more and stood tremblingly anticipating the remainder of my punishment. As I hadn't counted it, I was given the ninth stroke again, and two more extras were added to the end. Strokes ten, eleven and twelve were delivered lower than the preceding ones, across the lowest extent of my buttocks, and they stung terribly. But the four extras were even worse. The cane was placed against my bottom for a moment. Silence. Then it was suddenly drawn back and fiercely applied to the exact same latitude four times in quick succession. "OOH! OW! OWW! OWWW!!" I howled.

"Now, into the corner with you," ordered my stern teacher, quite unmoved by my discomfort. "And you had better believe that, should your behaviour fail to improve, you will feel the cane many times in the future!"

Mmmmm! I LOVE it! x

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  1. Enjoyed reading your entry Penny and having administered the very same to deserving young ladies in my time some how doubt you would have ended your comments with Mmmmmmmm! I LOVE IT!had i been the Caning Master . I beleive it would have ended with *Yes Sir i most certainly will try much harder to reach the goals you have set out for me, knowing you have only my very best interests at heart.

    Correction Man.