Friday, 25 November 2011


The cane arrived today. My naughty little bottom has yet to feel its sting, but as BH and I will be spending tomorrow evening playing 'detention', with me in the role of a schoolgirl and he as a strict teacher, I can safely predict that I will be sitting less comfortably on Sunday.

How dreadfully humiliating it will be... me, a grown woman, dressed in my school uniform and scolded for misbehaviour...

...then made to write lines...

...then bent over, skirt up and knickers down, for a good thrashing with the cane...

SWISH! "Oooh!"
SWISH! "Oww!"
SWISH! "OW! Oh, please, Sir!"

"I won't tell you again, girl – get back down into position! Now, for your impertinence we will begin again, with two extra. Dare to lose position again and believe me you'll be sorry."

SWISH! *sob*
SWISH! *howl*
SWISH! *whimper*

...then put into the corner, hands on head, my sore, striped bare bottom on display...

...then thrown onto the bed and fucked silly...

YUM!!! Is it Saturday yet? :-D

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