Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Penny gets ready to run again

There are many things I should be spanked for, but the most egregious is leaving my schoolgirl serial Penny Does a Runner hanging at part ten. It’s been six whole months!

I apologise as profusely as a girl strapped to a bench with a sex-crazed DisciplineBot whirring ominously into life behind her would. And I promise to write and post the next part before this week is out!

Before I do so, I think a recap is in order. Penny Hasler*, fifth former at strict boarding school St Spankem’s, is caught in a naughty act and sent to the headmistress’s office for an almighty thrashing. She escapes en route and flees the school grounds, only to realise once free that she is penniless (the irony) and homeless. By happy chance a travelling circus is in town: Penny meets the owner and is hired as an usherette to replace an elephant squashee. Horrified on her first night to see one of her schoolteachers sitting in the audience, she sneaks into a circus performer’s trailer to borrow a disguise... and is immediately mistaken for an acrobat and led back towards the big top.

What will become of poor, silly Penny? Find out in the next instalment!

*no relation.


  1. Hooray! Watch out for the elephant, Penny!

  2. I especially like the disclaimer... xoxo

  3. Yes it seems little penny has been lax of late. I guess another visit with the Ruler may be needed soon . I will message you with the deadline to have the next post done ....... Or my dear you will be finishing it on a very bare sore bottom sitting on a hard chair .

  4. No clowning around, Penny.. and will you be able to sit on a "Chipperfield "after the might "Smart" (Circus related japery for every occasion supplied by Mr X)

  5. Good news! I've been wondering what was going to happen to poor Penny (no relation to the author) Hasler. But please, I'd like to request no elephant squashing. It's not on my fetish list. XX