Sunday, 15 April 2012

Artist, author, squirming brat

I’ve said before that RedRump is a naughty and talented boy. I now have to add ‘kind’ and ‘sweet’ to that list of qualities, as he has written a delightful account of a punishment meted out to him by none other than yours truly.

The story is beautifully written – charming, witty, just wonderfully observed – and it is a scorchingly hot read.

Of course, RR being RR, the piece also has a FANTASTIC illustration (see above); one that depicts his poor, naughty bottom glowing from a severe beating with my hairbrush. The piece just has such character, such energy: I’d go so far as to say it even tops my cat drawing.

And if all that wasn’t enough, a second instalment (when Miss Penny gets serious) is set to follow. I can safely say that, if Part II is anything like the first, it will be a pleasure to read.

Truly, I am a very lucky girl – thank you, RedRump!


  1. You're welcome, Penny! The difficulty with finishing part 2 is not sitting down to WRITE it, it's SITTING DOWN, to write it.

    your cat is uber-cute, but I have to say you paint your best pictures with a different type of brush....



  2. I thought it was a lovely thing for Red Rump and you to do, Penelope.

  3. Thank you, Aunty! But it's 99.9% the work of that clever boy RR. I provided cheerleader support.

    RR: that sounds suspiciously like a complaint to me. We'll have less of that, or I'll really give you something to complain about! Besides, a nicely stinging rear should help put you in just the right frame of mind :) xxx

  4. Yes, of course, Ma'am... you're right, of course... I am grateful for that stinging rear and I'm getting right back to it and will have part 2 done today...

    (working hard, trying not to think of Penelope in a cheerleader outfit....)

  5. Good boy! Isn't it wonderful what a little motivation can do?

    And you had better not have naughty thoughts of me in a cheerleader outfit, young man, or you'll be in serious trouble.