Monday, 30 April 2012

Let them watch!

“Oh, Miss! Please -- not here!” I begged, squirming ineffectually on her lap.

“I warned you about the consequences of misbehaviour!” she scolded, tossing my skirt up with a disarming casualness and exposing my bottom to the watching multitude. “And just what are these supposed to be, young lady?” she asked, fingering my skimpy little panties accusingly.

“Um, well... I...”

Naughty girl! It’s a week of detentions for you when we get back to school! You will learn to wear regulation knickers, like it or not!”

My intended “Yes, Miss” in response was made a rather unbecoming yelp by a sudden volley of hard smacks to my unprotected cheeks. I squealed again in the same pathetic pitch when my legs were treated to some stinging slaps of their own.

A spanking over a teacher’s knee is humiliating enough at the best of times, but this one was a thousand times worse than usual for it was delivered in front of an audience! Tutting ladies, outraged gentlemen, giggling children... it felt like the whole world was watching my ordeal. How I wished that the ground would swallow me up there and then – I honestly thought I might die of embarrassment any moment. So I had been cheeky... so I had ignored Miss Harker’s instructions... repeatedly... so I had, on reflection, been asking for a spanking from the time we arrived at the silly old stately home. I still didn’t expect her to actually turn me over her knee right there on the patio!

It took a lot of painful swats for my bottom to match the glowing crimson of my face, but my strict Form Tutor stuck to her task until that humiliating balance was achieved. What a spanking! My poor bottom felt like it was on fire.

Yet, as frightful as the spanking was, the thing that brought tears pricking to my eyes was the scolding I was given in accompaniment. Miss Harker had always had a way of making me feel like the naughtiest little First Year with her words. Across her knee in the pitilessly public gardens of Winbury Hall, her cruel admonitions stung quite unbearably. “You may think you’re all grown up, Penny Hasler, but you’re really just a silly, naughty little girl!”

“Oh, please, Miss! I’m sorry!” I wailed in futile appeal, my voice breaking with tears. “Please! N-not in front of everyone!”

Do be quiet, Penny! It’s your own silly fault that you have an audience! Let them watch!”


  1. What better comeuppance for the girl who craves attention than a good public spanking?


  2. Wah! So mean!

    And I don't crave attention, I don't, I don't! :P

    (Your post on tantrums has got me in rather a bratty mood...)

    I'm presently daydreaming about how lovely it would be to throw a tantrum in public... and to be shown in no uncertain terms just what that behaviour earns. A painful comeuppance (love that word) not unlike the one detailed above, I imagine!

  3. "These panties are not regulation, and they're coming down...and off!"

    "Oh, no, Miss, not may underpants...not in front of everyone!"

    "Now try to keep your legs together Penny, and take your spanking like a lady. No need to give the boys a show."

  4. Ohhh..! Now that would just be too much (Daddy-o)! Squirming over my teacher's knee, my poor buns twitching and rippling from her stinging smacks, my dignity (and modesty) quite literally stripped from me... and all in front of a leering crowd!

    I can't think of many things that would be hotter.

  5. Penny struggled to keep her legs closed even as the teen boys congregated behind her, hoping for a show. Sobbing, crying, begging, clenching, she somehow managed to keep her legs together.

    At last, Miss Harker's hand began to tire, and Penny caught her breath between sobs.

    "One moment, please, M'am!" a voice in crowd said. "I believe you can continue if you use this wooden hairbrush I happen to have in my pocket. Mahogony, with a dark brown stain. Capable of causing the sort of explosion on this young lady's bottom that would make Guy Fawkes himself proud."

    Penny gasped as she recognized Imreadonly2 emerging from the crowd to hand Penny's teacher the wicked looking hairbrush. He smiled; the teenagers behind Penny smiled, everyone smiled, except for Penny, who was very much regretting her joke about her good friends age...

  6. "Oh, please Miss! Not the hairbr-- Ow! Ouch! Owww!"

    Poor Penny! Bucking and squirming and kicking her legs as the pitiless hairbrush roasts her behind, making quite the spectacle of herself in the process.

    Never had a girl so wished she had worn her regulation knickers... and that she hadn't teased a big, mean American about his age!

  7. Ah yes. Penny scissor kicks her legs as the boys hoot and whistle.

    "Doesn't leave much to the imagination, does she?"

    "Little trollp, kicking her legs so. Serves her right!" and old woman humphed.

    "Getting a bit drafty back there love?"

    "Don't worry. The brush is warming 'er up!"

    Ah yes! Justice must be seen to be done...