Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Over the trees a single bright star

Apologies for the quietness; it’s just that I have an important writing task with a looming deadline so I must devote all my formidable mental energies (haha) to that for a bit.

As a little gift of compensation I present another silly limerick for your amusement. I think the choice of subject matter might be my unconscious mind trying to tell me something, i.e. that I’m not spending nearly enough time in bed. (Sleeping, you naughty things!) Anyway, I hope you like it!

The Lazy Girl’s Punishment

For lying too long in her bed
Miss Hasler was marched to the shed.
Her sweet derriere
Was rendered quite bare
And paddled until it glowed red.


  1. Thanks, OFG! And welcome back :)

  2. Cute limerick. That glowing little bottom would have lit up the dim old shed.

  3. A few choice words to create many vivid images.

  4. Strangely we seemed to be thinking about sheds at around the same time. Personally I prefer somewhere indoors, with good central heating.

  5. Naughty minds think alike, I guess!

    I should confess that I've yet to be spanked in a shed. I'm sure it'll happen one day, when we actually own one...

  6. Thanks for the kind comments, TFD and Aunty Andrea!