Thursday, 19 April 2012

Discipline à la mode

Just a note to say that I’ve added another pair of sites to my links, both of which I recommend as humbly and unreservedly as a girl can.

Strict Julie Spanks and Taste for Disgrace are the respective realms of a strict lady (Julie) and a strict gentleman (TFD), both of whom have kindly commented on my scribblings here.

Their blogs are each filled with intelligent, engaging, HOT writing (and lovely, naughty pictures) on spanking, discipline, domination and submission, and are essential reads. I challenge anyone with so much as a submissive atom in their being to read the fantastically strict Julie’s accounts of her naughty husband’s punishments and not be massively turned on. And while Taste for Disgrace doesn’t at present have a large number of posts on it, the quality more than makes up for the quantity, with thought-provoking (and arousal-provoking) pieces on all manner of aspects of discipline. Anyone who can write a sentence as great as this:

What we seek as adults is a condition of discipline that is consensually non-consensual---the relationship is agreed upon, but when needed, the disciplinarian is in charge.

is the kind of person I want to be reading.

And, you never know, perhaps more visitors might encourage TFD to write some more (please, please!)

I am personally very glad as a reader and a spanko that I was introduced to these great blogs, and I am very proud to link to them. The discipline that Julie and TFD are so expert in writing about (and dishing out) is just my cup of tea, and I would love to be on the receiving end of either one of these disciplinarians’ attentions any time.

(Did I mention that I enjoy being remotely disciplined..?)


  1. Thank you penny,it's amazing how yourauthority figurers are so now thanks to you.Harry uk thinking all the same things.

  2. Thank you for mr whacker,your stories,those insights about the Australian school girls accounts, I mean pennies stories and all that has been bloged from the beginning.
    I was whacked and caned only once each at school not including those with hairbrush or hand.I am one year younger than the aussie girl.Penelope ,Bonnie,Ronnie Scott,
    Julie and some may remember spanked much love to you.Harry

  3. Penny I read about your running days at school , just after starting to smack yourself and looking around;all is clear you continue intranced to hear Peonelope Hasller.
    It's the headmaster with the teacher for the much younger ones,as you approach you see her give the slightest nod to the headmaster who says, come right here turn;and in doing so you feel your neck being forced down and before you know it three very stingy swishy strokes and you are let up, stunned without pouting the head says to you "now get on with you run." for me that was totally probable for someone like you in another life time.Harry (this is what I wrote last week but couldn't get it working,sorry for rambling above,I should be punished.)Harry.

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments, Harry! You're most kind. And you're not rambling at all. I like the sound of your imagined thrashing for my naughtiness during the run - perhaps if I recreate the scene sometime I will get what I deserve.

    Lots of love right back at you! xx

  5. Thank you, Penelope! I'm deeply honored. I put the blog together for fun, not expecting many would notice it. I'm surprised now to see I started it several years ago. How time flies.

    As time has permitted, I've been catching up on your fantastic blog. There is much inspiration here. I've been feeling a new TFD post coming on. :)

  6. Great! :) I'm looking forward to it already.

  7. "Oh bye the way! I just passed the office and RR and Wolfgang are there in the surgery, apparently the heads concerned about it and he's going to demonstrate how,
    "six of the best,can be quite enough." so love you ,miss you,wouldn't want to be you."

  8. "And your other three friends are already down there,he knows your the ring leader he's on the phone to parents now! Chio "I can't wait to hear about it." Harry

  9. Well this is exactually happening, wake up."I left my room walking to the flight of stairs above the surgery and office and saw my friend Lucy leaving the main door as I came down Julie and Clara where there they said the boys marks were see by the p.e teacher
    They have been sent away. Lucy has gone to find you ,he the head said we could go he's on the phone to both your parents now."penelope" a voice strikes,"wait here,"
    "you two get going,Penelope Stand right by the door her just to the right of the door,nose against the wall,I ll be whatching from my office;you are in shame."
    The old battle axe secretary turned to her office and waved to the cleaning ladies that where polishing the windows and sat at her desk glanceing at Penny.All is quite talking in the heads office and the cleaners preparing to come in and polish the cups on tables
    Around the main entrance.

  10. Penny, thank you for the shout-out! It makes me very happy to get such a lovely comment on your wonderful blog.

    I think you've earned yourself a nice squishy spanking across my knee.

  11. You're very welcome, Miss Julie. I love your blog and if my showcasing it introduces more people to it then I'm happy :)

    A spanking? Across your knee?

    YAY! :D

  12. Thank you for your lovely, naughty story, Harry!

    Something tells me that you know just how to deal with naughty schoolgirls - I for one would feel deeply humiliated (and very horny) if told to face the wall in disgrace. And you would telephone my parents, too? Oh no!