Friday, 13 April 2012

Penny's homework assignment (2)

And now for my second trick, er, piece of homework: a task kindly given to me by TFD.

The assignment was to come up with a list of ten ways to express disappointment that are better than pouting. Easy, right? Wrong! It was actually really tough. But, like the essay, I completed it. Even if I had to be, um, a little cheeky with item #10. (I figured a funny/bratty answer would be fun, but in all honesty I really was struggling to think of any more).

Though it took less time than the essay, the exercise had a similar sexy effect: it made me put myself in the role of a brat explaining herself to a strict but caring guardian, and I enjoyed that a lot.

Oh, and sorry TFD but I couldn’t give myself an early bedtime as instructed as I was up late writing essays. I promise I’ll send myself to bed early tonight to make up for it!

Stop stalling and hand the list over? Yes, Sir...

Ten better ways to express my disappointment than by pouting, by Penelope Hasler

1. Tell my teddy bear how I feel, in strict confidence on my bed

2. Make an effort to be extra nice so I’m given a treat or a cuddle

3. Politely express my feelings – but only when asked for my opinion – and be careful to do so in an even-tempered way

4. Be quiet and reflective, without being inattentive

5. Write a poem about it

6. Write about my disappointment in my diary

7. If asked, explain what I had hoped for, or suggest how I might have preferred the thing in question to have been done

8. Draw a nice picture of a cat to cheer myself up, then show it to a grown-up

9. Ask nicely for a spanking for being ungrateful, and confess my disappointment while my bottom is being warmed

10. Um... err... ah...

...stamp my feet, maybe?


  1. Stamping your feet would be the equivalent of asking not-so-nicely for a spanking. You would get what you asked for, young lady, and then some. Though #2 is getting there, perhaps a more suitable answer would be to channel your disappointment into something constructive and simply for the benefit of others.

    You were doing nicely until #10. A girl's teddy bear makes a suitable confidant. Extra nice, polite, careful, even-tempered, quiet and reflective describes the kind of girl I want to see. Now that brat had better be in bed early tonight, or she will really have something to tell her teddy bear.

  2. "Draw a nice picture of a cat to cheer myself up, then show it to a grown-up"

    that is seriously the cutest thing I've ever read in my life. My cat Superman wants you to actually draw a nice picture of a cat now and scan it so I can see it, since I am a grown up.

  3. :)

    I'm glad you liked it! Please give Superman a stroke from me and tell him that a picture will be forthcoming.

    And thank you for marking my work, TFD Sir, and for giving me such good advice! I promise I'll do better next time. Oh, oh, and I was good and went to bed nice and early last night. Well, early-ish. (Teddy will vouch for me).

  4. I must say. You are an amazing girl. If you drank coffee 'd marry you.That is the only thing I don't like about you-just cuz I have a thing for coffee girls. But otherwise, the cute factor on u is one-zillion!

  5. And superman can't wait to see that picture. And neither can I.

  6. A cute factor of one zillion? Aw! Thanks so much! :D

    But yes, I'm a tea girl, alas - I'd be lost without it. (But I'd drink lattes all day to please you).

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that, if the markers don't mind, I will summarise their comments and apply them in virtual red marker to my homework. For that nice, authentic touch!

  7. Even though he doesn't understand the concept of not drinking coffee-superman wants his cat picture.

  8. The virtual red marker is a very nice touch. I like your attention to detail, Penelope.

  9. Thanks, TFD! I hope I captured the essence of the comments.

  10. Personally, I like number 9. Little penny across my knee getting her bottom very soundly warmed is by far the best of the lot.

  11. Ohh! Yes please, Miss Julie! Please please please! I'll be extra naughty, I promise!

  12. Right Penelope young lady come here ! (..finger wagging)...stamping your feet and throwing a tantrum will see that your hands are placed on your head and the waistband of your panties re-arranged around your knees ! You'll be over Daddy's knee and the hem of your dress lifted.You will certainly feel the cool fresh air on your sensitive bare botty my girl !....and then,I'm afraid, the relentless stinging smacks of Nasty Old Mr Hairbrush. Is that clear Missy ?

  13. Ohh! Yes, Daddy! Sorry Daddy!

    Please don't give me the hairbrush too hard... I promise I won't throw a tantrum again!

  14. Oh yes my girl, a good hard spanking with the back of the wooden hairbrush. And yes too young lady, I AM going to pull your panties down - to teach you a proper lesson - and so that you can feel it all nasty and stinging on your tender bare botty. It's the only way naughty little girls deserve it. You need to learn your lesson Penelope...that with your bare white botty all red and burning; tantrums will just not do.