Tuesday, 10 April 2012

You're not going anywhere, Missy

Readers may recall that I wrote in February about a trip for work that would necessitate a week-long stay in a hotel. The trip was originally meant to take place in the first week of March, but it was put back a couple of times, and it has now been cancelled. So no remote discipline in a hotel room for the time being, I’m afraid. And I was looking forward to it, too :(

If anyone wants to cheer me up by applying some remote discipline of their own – giving me a line to write five hundred times here at my desk, say, or ordering me to strip and put my school uniform on – then feel free!

I certainly think I’ll sit down one evening this week and write the essay suggested by OldFashionedGirl: a thousand words on ‘Why poor manners and disrespect are never acceptable’ should get me in just the kind of mood I’m after. And, thinking about it, I can turn a negative into a positive – and intensify the effect of the punishment tasks I undertake – by imagining that I’m grounded. BAD Penny.


  1. I think you need to wear your uniform somewhere...the mall, perhaps, or a bookstore...

  2. Well, let's see... We will have you stripped and into your school uniform. Skirt up and seated on a hard surface, you will write a well-considered list of ten better ways to express your disappointment than by pouting. When finished, prepare for and institute your own early bedtime. Once snug under the covers, think about how close you came to getting a spanking.

    I'm sorry the trip you were looking forward to was cancelled. I send you a good hug along with your discipline.

  3. hmm... all good suggestions, but I think perhaps you might also sit yourself down on your own hairbrush (bristle side facing up, of course!)
    That should see you well 'grounded', young woman!

    And don't you dare get up until you've finished your task...

  4. Do the essay. Post it. And remember, two strokes of the senior cane for every grammatical error.

  5. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone! I am now in my uniform and ready to write. I'll tackle OldFashionedGirl's essay first, then TFD's list.

    I've swapped my usual comfy chair for a hard fold-up one and am sitting with my skirt up... it's cold! I'll make sure to sit on my hairbrush at a suitable point, RedRump, though I can't promise to do so for very long.

    I'll have to see about a public outing in my uniform, Imreadonly2 - it would be quite a daring feat for me so I'm a little reluctant. I'll be sure to let you know if and when I get the courage to try it!

  6. And how do we know that you are in your school uniform missy?

    Post photo on blog please.

  7. Groundings are no fun. I'd take a spanking every time.

  8. Dante: how indeed? I guess it's a matter of trust.

    I've given much thought to the posting of pics ever since I started my blog, as it happens, but I've always decided against it because:

    • I'm a spanking writer, not a spanking model

    • I want to retain some air of mystique (if that isn't too pretentious a thing to say)

    • I know how the internet works, and I don't particularly want my image bandied around God knows what fetish sites without my knowledge or consent

    • Most importantly - and this is related to the first point - as a writer I deal in the imagination. I do so because I love the capacity we have to create pictures in our minds, and I love that each reader can create just exactly the pictures they want. Each person who visits my blog brings their own perspective and preferences with them, and each can project those onto me to create their own perfect Penny. However delightfully cute the real me might be, how I look can never be better than that perfect, unique version.

    I hope that makes sense.

  9. Nice blog, by the way! I'll add it to my links if you like.

  10. I personally have no need for a photo of you, Peneleope, and I'm delighted with your writing. Besides, the Internet has no shortage of photos.

    As for your public schoolgirl outing, it isn't that difficult. Google cosplay england 2012 for a hit on cosplay island...an event where schoolgirls are welcome. And don't forget Halloween, and those pub parties...

    All of these would provide perfectly plausible reasons to don your uniform and walk around without embarrassment, surrounded by others who have also made the plunge...and a good execuse to make your uniform as realistic as possible, right down to the skin.

    "Use your imagination, girl! Or perhaps six-of-the-best might brighten your wits!"

  11. Thanks Penny, a link would be great.

    Yes i understand the need to keep a air of mystique. I know exactly what you mean when we have to create pictures in our minds.

    Its a bit like a horror film & watching something but not seeing what is on the screen so the viewer has to make up their own imagination as to what it is thats there.

    In other words or own imagination is greater than what ever we see with our eyes :)

  12. I, for one, don't need proof. If you don't do as you are told, you are only hurting yourself. ;)

    ...and OMG, if you could see how cute you are in my imagination. :)

  13. Aw! Thanks, TFD - you're so sweet! :D

    You'll be pleased to hear that I did dress up and I did do my homework (I've got to be due a good girl spanking or something).

    I've put my first writing task up now, along with an explanatory post about the 'grounding' experience itself: I hope you like them.

    I've got my list of 'ten non-pouty ways to express disappointment' ready as well, but I'll post that tomorrow. I don't want to overwhelm everyone with text, plus it's way past my bedtime now - I'm a very sleepy brat! xx