Saturday, 14 April 2012

Roll over Botticelli

Ask and ye shall receive: further to my list of ‘ten better ways to express my disappointment than by pouting’, one of the more mature and considered items on the list – ‘Draw a nice picture of a cat to cheer myself up, then show it to a grown-up’ – piqued the interest of reader (and grown-up) Nick, or more exactly that of his cat Superman.

Now, I don’t possess a great deal of artistic aptitude, but I should probably point out that I drew the pic in a deliberately crude way as I was in the mindset of ‘Little Penny’ at the time. (“The cat’s a bit wobbly-lookin’ but he’s smiling ‘cos he’s happy. And I wrote ‘cat’ at the bottom, and I spelt it right too! C - A - T!”) I’m sure an art critic would praise it as ‘outsider art’ or suchlike, but it’s really just a two-minute doodle on Paint. True.

Anyway. Here you are, Superman – one picture of a cat! (It’s okay if you don’t think it’s very good).
And you know what? Drawing it did cheer me up!


  1. superman is pleased! And so am I!

  2. So cute! Hugs and ice cream for little Penny.

  3. Miss Penelope, Your Art Work has been greeted with plaudits and praise! I would characterise the work as early primative and enjoyed seeing it myself.
    However it has come to my attention via a
    senior female teacher, that drawings in a similar
    style have appeared on the walls in the 'Ladies'
    Now I know these places could do with brightening up but a drawing of a female cat on her back drawn in this style' with the words -'come and get it big puss', is going too far!
    Now I am not casting accusations , and have no proof but let this be a warning that we are watching for the next effort!!
    Kent, Senior Master

  4. It wasn't me, Sir! It was Lucy Spencer! I saw her do it!

    Er, I mean, another girl told me she saw Lucy do it.

    Now, the graffito that says "Penny and RedRump, sitting in a tree, K - I - S - S - I - N - G"... that's my work!

    (Do I get a mark for using the correct singular form of graffiti?)

  5. Miss Penelope, Yes you get full marks for researching the singular form of Graffiti, clever girl!
    However you admit to encouraging young ladies to climb and sit in trees kissing their boy friends. This has caused the 'elf and saftey' Authority to stick their oar in! Oh, no Sorry! I meant to say they have asked us to discourage this practice as it is clearly dangerous if you fall out-er of the tree,that is!
    In future pupils found up a tree will be referred to the Headmaster or myself !
    Kent, Senior Teacher

  6. Yes Sir, I understand, Sir. I'll be sure to sit under trees when kissing in future, Sir.


  7. It's only this second occurred to me that ruder types could call my nice cat pic a cute drawing of my pussy.


    Little Penny is too innocent to understand such things, of course :o)