Saturday, 17 December 2011

Seasonal spankings... two!

If the pictures I've looked through for this feature are any guide, then little brats in pigtails feature heavily on Santa's naughty list. Our second picture, a cartoon by the obviously-talented 'Sudaka', shows just such a girl getting a bare-bottom spanking from a shopping mall Santa as the manager looks on.

How I wish I was in her shoes! Held firmly in place and spanked to tears, her cute pink knickers round her ankles, her peachy little bottom glowing a very sore red... yum! And I love her expression!

If I was to change one thing about the picture, though, it would be the manager's speech bubble. It's certainly funny as it stands, but I'd personally prefer it if he approved of Santa's hands-on correction. More projection on my part, I guess: I can really imagine being the well-spanked naughty girl over Santa's knee, my face streaked with tears of shame and impotent frustration, glancing anxiously back, hoping that the manager's intervention meant my spanking was about to end... only to be told that I have plenty more coming!

So, with that in mind, here is my amended version...



  1. wow that little girl is getting big spanks ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  2. Exactly the way it should be!

    I think she will be rather more careful not to end up on Santa’s naughty list this year, don’t you? x

  3. The good news Penny is that at least the Dads at the mall would have something fun to watch while their wives were shopping. (All right...not good news for you, I'll admit.)