Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pumkins and lawndry and being a pony

We haven’t heard from that adorable poppet Little Penny for a while, have we? Not since... goodness! Not since February, in fact!

Well, as luck would have it ;) I have that very lady here with me today. I thought a little Q&A might be fun as, while I have been invited once or twice to bare my soul, the young Miss Hasler is distinctly less bared. A shame. But I’ve got a big bag of jelly tots and a set of probing questions, so I’ll see if I can rectify that.

What have you been up to today, Penny?

i got up an bounced on daddys bed (he sleeps for ages cos hes OLD) an had frostys for brekfast an a shower an got drest (daddy helpd a bit an so did mr hugs) – i always giggle wen daddy tickles me! then i helpd daddy wiv lawndry an tidyin an stuf an then we went to the super markit an got lotsa nice fings! daddy takes me cos i help. an now im here.

That’s a very nice drawing you’re doing. What is it of?

issa pony! shes called... hm... litenin, an shes clever an pretty like me. dat scribble by her leg is where i went wrong.

It’s Halloween soon. Are you looking forward to it?

yehyeh! haloween is GREAT cos its wen you get pumkins an choklit an sweets an all drest up an im only a bit scared cos im big now. im gonna be a witch or maybe a pumkin.

What is your favourite way to spend time?

mm... i like lotsa fings! my favrit is bein wiv daddy. i like it wen we go to the park an he pushes me on the swing. an i like it wen we snuggle! i feel all safe an warm.

Are there any things you don’t like?

spankins! an borin stuf like brockoly an corner time. an scary fings like big geece.

Do you have a favourite story?

goldylocks! i like it when she sleeps in the beds an scofs the porrige an the bears are all cross! daddy says im like goldylocks wen he reads it to me. hes SILLY !

What would you like to be when you grow up?

i AM grown up! an imma penny! an sometimes imma pony. i can do that. nenenemmm...

Hm. Penny has climbed down from the sofa and started rolling on the floor. Which I think might signal an end to the interview. I hope you enjoyed her thoughts; if you have anything you’d like to ask her, go right ahead in the comments and I’ll see if I can get her attention.


  1. what does little penny like about school and not like.

    1. i like it wen we get to paint an play an rite storys! i rote a story bout a clever mouse an miss said it was realy good an put it up on the wall an i was proud :D

      i dont like bein told off an speshly wen i get spanked. :( i feel all silly an it hurts an lucy parmer likes gettin me in trouble an wen it happens i wish i was home wiv daddy. an i dont like havin to get up early for school an the uniforms silly too.

  2. Little Penny do you ever manage to get your own back on Lucy Palmer ? (capital L, capital P and PaLmer with an L in the middle)

    1. i fliked her on the bottom wiv a rubba band in drawin class an she yelped an ran to miss an i sniggred :D an a diffrent day i put a worm in her hair at playtime an she cryed but she dserved it.

      Lucy PaLmer. what a silly name! no wonder shes silly.

  3. Penny darling, no one likes being spanked sweetheart, but if you're a good girl and do as Daddy and Big Penny tell you, you won't get spanked, will you? You're adorable darling and Aunty loves you.

    1. i love aunty too!!! i loved visitin your shop an helpin an i hope you an kimbly are ok an its not cold outside an i did a drawin for you!

      stil dont like spankins. *pout*