Tuesday, 5 November 2013


A super-quick post today, based firmly in reality – or my version of it – rather than a fantasy world. (I say super-quick as I’ve just got home from work and I have to go make dinner in a second and potentially get ready to go out. We shall see).

The reality-based topic at hand is of the kind that my friend and fellow Brit-spanky writer OFG often writes about: the practicalities of kinking and, in particular, the noise one makes.

Noise is on my mind right now because November 5 is a very noisy date in the UK. It’s Guy Fawkes’ Night (or Bonfire Night if you prefer), which is basically a nationwide firework festival. It’s dark as I scribble this and so not a minute goes by without a loud BANG! outside. (Actually, it’s more like POP-POP-PHEEEE-BANG-POP-BANG!)

And the thought has occurred in my kinky little brain... what better evening to use as cover for noisy bedroom antics? Because, shameless painslut though I may be, I do live in a little house in a densely-packed area with neighbours all around, and I am conscious of the noise we make when implement meets bottom, and the noise I make when I squeal and squawk, and that ever-present awareness is a teeny bit of a downer. And I would love to be free of it, even if only for one night, and let it all hang out!

BH might want to go to a local firework display; it remains to be seen. Personally, I’d be much happier to be tied to our bed in my maid outfit and thrashed silly while the bangs and pops go on outside.

I shall have to see if I can persuade him to enjoy a different sort of firework display :)


  1. I'd certainly enjoy your idea much more than some firework display on a cold,wet field somewhere, Penny..) I make noise just tomake the neighbours think I'm not on my own these days.. that's another whack for the radiator or chair...

  2. Why do men always want to do the dumb things when we're offering ourselves up for thrashings and sex?

    What did he choose?

    1. Good question! Maybe it's all that beer, makes their brains go funny.

      And he chose the fun option, of course :D

  3. Well I hope you got a good seeing to by BH rather than going to the fireworks show

  4. This just made me giggle. I love your blog Penelope! I hope you got to make your own fireworks :)