Saturday, 16 November 2013

So many naughty girls, so much spanking

What an honour – for the second week running I am the co-star of an Ana Vitsky scene!

In marked contrast to my last appearance on Ana’s blog, in which I expertly portrayed a well-spanked little girl, this time I appear in the strict teacherly guise of Miss Hasler, a lady who is no stranger to administering firm correction to deserving bottoms. And I am joined in the classroom by the very talented and equally naughty Natasha Knight (lucky me)! :D

And unlucky Natasha, it has to be said, for she is set to receive what all badly-behaved schoolgirls need and deserve... a jolly good spanking across her teacher’s knee!

The insolent minx ;)


  1. Hehe. Insolent minx indeed! Although Miss Natasha informs me that you have your share of insolence and minxiness. I'm inclined to agree. Naughty Penny! :)

  2. Just wait until you're across my knee, Miss Hasler...