Monday, 25 November 2013

Sunday school

Saturday may be the hottest day of the week for spanking fiction, but – in Casa Hasler at least – Sunday seems to be the day when naughty girls get spanked most often in reality.

(Yay for free time! :D)

The scene is a familiar one, but no less shameful for that. Two figures alone in a softly-lit room. A schoolgirl standing before her teacher, fidgeting and frowning as she is upbraided, her blushing gaze fixed on her feet. Silly detention, she thinks to herself... not fair... too big for this.

That she looks for all the world anything but too big for detention, with her childish school shoes, knee-length school socks, pleated grey school skirt, crisp white school blouse, striped school tie, and pigtailed, ribboned hair, is a fact that our rebellious little miss might like to reflect upon sometime.

“Your conduct in Latin class was an absolute disgrace, young lady,” he scolds.

“But...” she mutters into her chest. “Lucy started it...”

“Silence!” he roars. “You are a disgrace, and you are going to be made sorry for it!”

A firm hand seizes her arm painfully. And suddenly she is over his knee, her skirt is tossed up, his fingers inspect the border of her knickers with a feather touch that makes her tingle.

“I’m sorry, Sir...” she whimpers, too late.

“You will be when I’m finished with you, girl. Very sorry indeed.”

The smacks that rain down upon her inviting little bottom make her jolt, and yelp, and protest anew. “Please... I don’t wanna spanking!” she whines to her teacher’s leg, her silly little head bobbing upside-down at its side, the smart trousers and shiny, irrefutably adult shoes in her eyeline wordlessly speaking of the chasm between his status and her own. As if to reinforce the point – the traitors – her own legs begin to scissor, and kick, and form the most indecorous shapes when she is spanked harder and faster for her insolent outburst.

She looks no more respectable when her knickers are taken down and left around her thighs in manifest tribute to her misbehaviour. She looks, of course, just as she is: a wayward schoolgirl getting exactly what she deserves. And she sounds like one as the hurtful smacks keep coming, again and again, each one deepening the shameful blush in her rear. How silly she sounds, yelping like that!

Sent to the corner, skirt held up in disgrace. Her little face, so brash and full of fun when she was playing her pranks in class, is now a sorrowful, tearful sight. She hates standing in the corner like a naughty little girl... she hates school, and detention, and spankings... she sniffles back a tear, feeling anything but big or clever.


  1. Another very hot story,Penny.Your should be rewarded with extra spankings and .regular detention

    1. Thanks, Mr X! And it's a true story - it's an account of the way Miss Penelope Hasler spent her Sunday evening :D

      And thank you for the suggestion of a reward! I shall pass it on to my teacher.

  2. I love how you capture the delicious shame that a "too big" girl feels when she's faced the fact---she's still just a helpless little schoolgirl when she's in trouble with her teacher. So glad, Penny, you had a free Sunday to write this. XOXO

    1. Hugs and thanks, TFD :)

      If I captured a sense of shame it's because I felt it... holding my heavy, pleated skirt up to show my freshly-spanked bottom off - my knickers lying round my feet - has that effect on me.

      I could have written more, actually, as the detention didn't end with my corner time. My teacher came to inspect me as I stood in the corner... when he found me shamefully wet he hauled me back to the chair, bent me over it, and gave me six hard strokes of the cane on the bare.

      Each and every one thoroughly deserved.

    2. Penelope Hasler, I want to be a fly on your wall. :) Don't get me wrong, your description is still a treat I'm most thankful for. Hugs.

    3. Hugs! :)

      If I was more of an exhibitionist I guess I would film these things or have a webcam or something. But I'm quite shy so I do my best with words (and the occasional photo :D)

      But the idea of being seen by another - seen in a sorry, humiliating state - is a decidedly arousing one...

    4. Ideas are very powerful. It's why we enjoy stories and fantasies so. I both understand and respect your need to maintain privacy. It's the quite shy ones being seen that will make the emotions more intense, the exhibition a spectacle. I'm excited that you can live out such scenes, and safe behind closed doors. XO

  3. Penny, you use the word "silly" more effectively than any writer in history, I believe. And, LATIN!!! :D grātiās māximās meae carissimae amīcae do.

    1. Voluptas est mea, Emily :)

      And thank you for the lovely compliment!

  4. Can I come over to play on a Sunday Penny? I'll be good...I promise...

    1. Aww! I love you, N. Hug!

      But it's no good being good... you'd have to be naughty! xx