Thursday, 27 February 2014

With love to Bonnie

My online kinky-community activity has been very much reduced so far this year, which has meant I haven’t been able to post as much on my blog as I would like. But far more importantly I haven’t been able to visit other blogs and comment and interact with the lovely people who make up this community. And I’m very sorry to learn that one of the best people I have ever met through this medium – Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts – has hung up her blogging hat.

Bonnie was the first popular blogger to link to me and bring my scribblings to a wider audience, an act of kindness that I will always be grateful to her for. And more fundamentally I will always remember her as a wonderfully warm and giving person: truly the queen of this little community.

Thank you for everything, Bonnie. I hope your bottom smarts today and you have many happy years of love and fun to come. I’ll miss you.

As an aside, it’s my birthday tomorrow: I’ll be 26 whole years old. Might have to start counting backwards if this carries on...

(Older but no wiser! Might translate that into Latin and adopt it as a motto).


  1. 26 my dear , very nice ... I shall look forward to the B/day spanking .. see you tomorrow little one

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Hope you get a good birthday spanking now

  3. Just got this in email! Bonnie helped me so much by linking me on her blogroll. Thanks for honoring her, Penny!

    Older but no wiser: vetustior sed nil sapientior? I like it! :D

    1. Hm... sounds a bit too wise in Latin, now I look at it.

      Hugs! xx


    A nice tribute to Bonnie. Many thanks to her for all she has done.

    What's Latin for older and dumber? I need a sig.

    I hope you are feeling much better and having a very happy and special day.

    Birthday hugs XX

    1. Thanks, TFD :)

      You're so nice. I wish all grown-ups were as nice as you. xoxo

      And Emily has written the motto in Latin - look above!

  5. Happy Birthdasy to my favourte onlune naughty girl!

    I hope you get 26 of tre best!!

    Big Hugs