Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Does not compute

Argh. Sadly, not even adorable little brats are immune to computer woes: my PC is currently doing its very best “No, I can’t go on – leave me!” routine so I may be away for a bit. Or I may not. Depends how it goes! (I’m writing this on a friend’s machine).

Silly things, computers. And the worst thing is they don’t even buck their ideas up when threatened with a spanking. Tsk!

Update: Ha, sorted. Not just a pretty face!


  1. You must be suffering with similar problems to those that i frequently experience when on line or trying to get on line and access certain blogs ect i mentioned this last night.In fact its taken me almost 15mins to access your blog my wireless network would just not respond correctly until now. Regarding threatening your PC with a spot of swift Corporal Punishment thought the very same on numerous occassions when its acted up, but you will acheive nothing other than a huge repair bill or blow a gasket like the actor John Cleese did in an excellent episode of Faulty Towers when he soundly whipped his austin eleven hundred model car with a branch from a tree: when he had finished venting his anger all he acheived was his car required a very expensive paint job.lol. So best to switch off for a while and if its not solved get the repair man in ASP good luck.

    Correction Man.

  2. Thanks for the message, CM - and for the funny Fawlty Towers reference! All fixed now, though. (Hopefully...)