Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Penny and the Stolen Handbag, Part 2

In yesterday’s instalment of our thrilling schoolgirl tale, naughty Penny and her friends stole a teacher’s handbag from her desk – then left the school grounds to spend her money on booze! Will the thieving little madams get away with this outrage, or will they be brought to justice? Let’s see...

Sounds serious... find out just how serious in tomorrow’s spankingly exciting conclusion!


  1. Hehe! Penny and her Siamese twin don't look so tough now, do they?

  2. It doesn't look good for them, I will admit.

  3. Hopefully both these two very disruptive young ladies are about to finaly find out the error of their ways. And if the teacher about to deal with them posseses any steal in her character , she will not hesitate to give each one a sound OTK bare bottomed hairbrush spanking followed immediatly by 12 strokes of the very best with a swishy pliable rattan cane ;after which both culprits should be stood on the assembly hall stage to deter any other would be offenders.

    Correction Man.

  4. I don't know if you've ever seen an Australian show called Prisoner, Penny. It's about a female correctional facility. There was a character in that, a guard who the prisoners always referred to as Vinegar Tits and Miss Tittie-Thyme kept reminding me of her, there is a slight physical resemblance as well. Really cute idea and well executed, dear.

  5. Thanks, Aunty! I'm very glad that you like it. If I could draw I'd create new stories in this style. But I can't, so this is the best I can do!

    Re Prisoner, I do know the show you mean as it's appeared on clip shows here (that make fun of, dare I say it, bad TV).

    I'd personally love a telling off from Miss Tittie-Thyme, and of course a spanking over her knee. She looks like she'd really know how to punish a naughty schoolgirl, without getting a hair out of place. And she'd have a lovely cut-glass English accent. "Oh, do stop kicking your legs, Penelope! I've never known such a fuss!"