Saturday, 26 May 2012

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

I’m very pleased to learn that a post on my little blog has been mentioned on the famous and venerable Chross blog. Yayness!

A very warm welcome to all my new guests who have come here courtesy of that link! Please make yourselves at home. Don’t mind the spanking benches and paddles strewn about the place.

For anyone wondering what exactly it is I do here – and there must be plenty of those – I’m a spanking fiction author and general scribbler of (hopefully) creative kinky stuff. Hence the rules for a fictional girl’s school. And the subverted ‘schoolgirl’s own’ picture stories. And the ageplay fantasies.

Another thing I like to write is poetry. (Well, okay, silly limericks). And, spank me pink and call me a wafer if I haven’t written a brand new one for you today...

The Corner of the Classroom

She sits all alone in disgrace,
A sad little frown on her face.
Too late did she heed
The warning that she’d
Be slippered then sent to that place.