Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A window into a strange place

The site I am adding to my kinky links today is significantly darker than my own; decidedly more sinister – the sort of place that a strict uncle might threaten to send little Penny when she is being naughty – a blog called Behind The Barred Window.

The focus of the blog, and the fictional writing of its owner, Garth Toyntanen, is quite different to mine. Though we share an interest in discipline, Garth writes about institutions: dark, forbidding places where young ladies are (unjustly) imprisoned, dominated and humiliated. Writing about the above image, created to illustrate one of his stories, Garth summarises his ethos in stating that the picture “embodies that all-important sense of oppression and the feeling that here is a buried, private and secluded little world outside the reach of conventional society and beyond the control of meddling ethics committees, busybody social workers and the rest.”

Restraint and painful physical chastisement perhaps inevitably feature, but more prominent – and more chilling – is the psychological treatment the inmates receive and the transformation they undergo as a result. The female characters in Toyntanen’s tales invariably go from being confident, independent adults to helpless, institutionalised wretches.

It’s all very far from little Penny being scolded for wanting jelly beans before dinner, and I always get a chill down my spine when I peek in for a read, but it is a very well-written and interesting blog and a visit is recommended. Just be careful not to get locked in!


  1. While this particular blog may well appeal to certain types, its a bridge to far for myself , i am one who prefers to remain in the field of corrective discipline as mentioned in the blog of Dante.

    Correction Man.

  2. I respecfully disagree; I've written on this blog, and enjoy the fantasy. (And I emphasize FANTASY).

    To me the thought of Penny being declared delinquent, and being confined to a heavily fortified reformatory where I can track her behavior 24/7 is extremely erotic.

    "He sees you when you're sleeping/he knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been bad or good..."

    Santa Clause with a cane...a cane he's anxious to use.

    Don't worry, Penny, you'd still have plenty of opportunities to study hard and write poems and your wonderful stories and be a good girl. But when you were bad, you would be punished. And since you'd be a delinquent in my reformatory, there would be no foolishness about running off to the authorities to complain everytime I brightened your buns. I'd BE the authories, and you be answerable only to ME.

    "So be good for goodness sakes..."

  3. And i respect your views imreadonly 2 but i am a disciplinarian and do NOT engage in any bondage although i have absolutely no issues with those who like yourself do .Each to their own is my belief hence my comments originaly.

    Correction Man.

  4. It's interesting to imagine which parts penny most likes about the Psycological aspect, because the punishments in places like here are invariably unfair, just like it was like at school. Hopefully not to the point of despair, unlike the feeling after leaving where it can seem nobody gives a dam about anything or anyone.
    Penelope please prepare yourself to stand up.
    Put your legs apart, imagine washing your hands as you lower your your pants in front of your desk right now. To just below buttock line.One of your keepers is here to abuse your wonton bottom, with there podgy finger.
    You will have to submit or much worse will follow.
    This is what you get you naughty little writer, and shame of shame you enjoy it.
    Wash your hands you dirty minx and report to correction
    man for asking for remote discipline, we all love you it's what you need."bend over, young lady,"
    250 words on harrys predicament in the institue or more and a wafer will be provided with your ice cream if your lucky. Back to your padded cell NOW.

    Mr happily ( smug) married 43 Harry Bunter ( billys brother.) PS I read your friends blog you naughty pair.

  5. Such strict, dominating men - it's quite enough to make me go all weak at the knees! Thank you all three for sharing your thoughts.

    I do intend to write on the psychology of erotic discipline in future, Mr Bunter, as I am fascinated by the subject and it deserves to be written about and discussed.

    And, not that this should be taken as an acceptance of such a fate, but the idea of being 'committed' to a horrid, inescapable place of punishment does arouse me, even while it frightens me.

  6. hmm-I haven't been on ere in awhile but popping in to take a peak and I saw this post about being institutionalized and I as you might im agine it caught my attention. What with my love of dungeons, perhaps this site may be worth looking into. I still think the more medevel type dungeon is more erotic than a reform school-but this place looks almost as bad as a dungeon. They should incorporate trapdoors for the delinquents.