Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Gathered amongst gleaning angels

A brand, shiny new edition of Wellred Weekly (the Library of Spanking Fiction’s journal) has just been released, and I’m pleased to say that hidden amongst the good stuff is an article written by yours truly. The piece is an expanded version of a post I wrote on commonalities between spanking fiction and Gothic fiction (and there are a few), so check it out if that sort of thing floats your boat!


  1. It very much floated my boat, and taught me much I did not know. You're a wonderful writer and an excellent (albeit strict) teacher! :-)


  2. My pleasure, imreadonly2!

    Next week: poststructuralist utilisations of semiotic theory. Plus spanking.

  3. What an interesting article, Penelope! I have little knowledge in the area of literary analysis, but it's a subject I've, coincidentally, been interested in lately. Your essay was both enlightening and affirming. I've read and written spanking fiction, but not with such a critical eye to identify the elements of sensation, transformation, and altered reality. But, yes, how right you are. Gothic it is.

  4. Excellent article, Penny! Insightful, and literary, yet even I could understand it.
    (though, I must confess, my comprehension was distracted by a vision of you delivering your analysis from a blackboard, suggestively tapping your yardstick on the lectern to keep us students attentive...)

  5. Aw, you boys are sweet. Thank you!

    Miss Penny's English class would of course have a practical element, in which the concept of sensation was thoroughly explored. First across my desk, I rather think, would be RedRump.

    And it would be remiss of me not to demonstrate the concept from a female perspective, so I would ask TFD to assist me in that aim. I would of course describe how I felt as he pulled my tight pencil skirt up, and my satin panties down... and just how it felt as he smacked my bare bottom a nice shade of red!

    Homework would be to write an account of the episode from the spankee's point of view. Extra marks for compliments about your teacher.

  6. I think a bare-bottomed, scarlet-cheeked spanking of the pretty teacher in front of the entire class would be well-received. All in the service of education, of course.