Saturday, 23 June 2012

Knickers pulled up? Noooo!

Okay. That’s hopefully that for non-kinky stuff leaving me with zero time. (Yay!) I hope you’ve all been well (and very naughty).

So what weighty matter is first on the to-write-about list? A little encomium to a kinky practice that doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention, but which I happen to personally enjoy very much: the wedgie.

Here’s a pretty hot example of a young lady being given just such a thing, found via the ever-rewarding More Than It Hurts Me:

Goodness! How uncomfortable that looks! How demeaning!

And therein lies the appeal, basically: a wedgie provides the recipient with a dual sensation of physical and psychological discomfort (and so, for the kinkily-minded, pleasure), very much like that evoked by a spanking. Just as with spanking, I guess you either enjoy the physical sensation or you don’t – I certainly do; having my knickers pulled up forcefully and uncomfortably really turns me on – and the same goes for the unique feeling of subjugation that goes with it. When BH gives me a wedgie it makes me feel like a possession; an object; a bratty, slutty little wench with all the gravitas and standing of an unruly child: my dignity completely negated at the will of another. Ohh! I am happy to admit that being pulled into position like that (whether for a spanking or just as part of slightly rough foreplay) really gets my submissive juices flowing. Amongst other things.

Wedgies and spanking can of course work superbly well together, the wedgie providing an alternative means of baring a naughty bottom to the more typical yanking down of the panties. From a roleplay perspective, they probably don’t suit every situation (‘knickers down’ generally suits e.g. school discipline scenarios better), but they can really work well as part of domestic discipline-style fun. Speaking as a submissive, you can’t really lose: having your most intimate item of clothing pulled up or down as a prelude to a thoroughly smacked bottom – it’s just win-win!

That’s a little of what I think about the humble wedgie, anyway. Any fans out there? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

Update: a very kind reader has sent me a great picture of a naughty schoolgirl getting a good hard wedgie and a good hard spanking:

Yum! That is just what I want! The lucky girl!


  1. Hi,

    Often, in public play, the top will use a wedgie to bare the cheeks without showing man parts. Do I love it, no. It feels like dental floss for the butt. But, it is a good compromise in public play with a no frontal nudity protocol.


  2. Thanks for the male spankee perspective, joey (and the interesting point about concealing man parts!)

    It must be ever so humiliating to be spanked in public and given "dental floss for the butt" - especially if you don't enjoy wedgies. If I saw you in that position I'd give you a nice hug afterwards. And maybe a sneaky spank.

  3. Not my favorite, as I quite enjoy the involuntary but delightful show Penny puts on when I lay the spanks on smartly, and she begins to scissor kick her legs.

    No, I like your knickers where they belong. On the peg hook in the Headmaster's study.

  4. I do remember seeing a cartoon with a schoolgirl being spanked like this and saying to the teacher: when I campaigned for the girls to keep their skirts down and panties up when being spanked this isn't what I meant!

  5. Hehe! Oh, the indignity of it!

    I'd better not let BH read this - he might get ideas :)

  6. OK, now I want to do a wedgie spanking as my next art piece... thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Looking forward to it, RR - it's bound to be great!

  8. I personally would love it, but I've have been taught a lesson about topping from the bottom and my wish might come true, that's what worries me.I will suggest it for bed time story inclusion (for me from D.B) as often things move in to the real once in a while.I remember trying and failing to get D.B to hold her spare hand on the small of my back ( on bare skin) while issuing a rare bare bottom 6 of the best.PS obviously not during but in the weeks and months before.
    Thank you Miss Hasler

  9. Aw. I hope you get your wish, Harry.

  10. Dear Miss Hasler,
    I did get my wish in 2000, I was naked and waiting at lunch time,
    DB had a doil cane ( from B&Q where the wooden profiles are) I went over the table
    And squirmed about for the first two then I heard stay still, which I did. It was decided later that I should keep my trousers on in future. My life was almost the same as consensul spanking and domestic discipline but not as severe but with same ups and downs till we both lost interest last nov until my birthday in may when I was given a surprise. My god a spanking on trousers "down with trouser paddling then"lower your pants" I could not believe what was happening, I jumped up every four till she said stay down or I'll repeat the stroke.Absolutely painful but brilliant with a real cane this time.
    So I haven't asked for any attention if you know what I mean because scary and desire are funny friends in my home.
    I wasn't clear in my first post because I never read it through.

  11. I dread to think how you would deal with me if I were your grammar pupil.
    Blog love

  12. Hehe, aww! I'd give you lots of encouragement and cuddles, of course!

    Funnily enough, I've been toying with the idea of writing some 'school' posts where I, well, teach – explaining rules and concepts and setting tasks on them. (I could even mark the 'homework' I am sent, and hand out punishments where needed).

    But I've held off because I figure such posts might seem a little, I dunno, arrogant. And also because not everyone seems to enjoy virtual rather than physical kink. But if a few would-be pupils express an interest, I'll happily do it!

    And I'm very glad to hear that you are given just what you need (and deserve) every so often!

    1. Dear Miss Hasler,
      I for one would would appreciate,lessons,homework,and correction on writing from you. We students could try it and become your Nautghy Little Writers.
      If there are no more than two pupils replying,
      Miss would have to close her class.
      It would not be arrogant but a charitable service for sensible young scolars.
      I promise to do my best if you deem such an idea is for the best.
      Yours sincerely,

  13. Thank you for the interest, Harry! I'm afraid that I must correct you, however. Miss would still run her class if there was one pupil in it.

    You know, I think I'll give it a try. Of course, the internet being what it is, once a post is up the 'class' in question would always be open to responses. Fun with chronotopes!

  14. Humiliated Geek29 July 2012 at 21:57


    I just found your blog through googling, looking forward to reading more.

    Speaking as a male bottom, I love wedgies - they have been part of my kink since I was first aware of it. I think you put your finger on what makes it so alluring - a combination of physical and emotional humiliation. It's also something very physically easy to do to someone, and thus is sort of a leveler in that sense.

    I have found that generally what I would describe as "bullying" - wedgies, noogies, swirlies, etc. play a big role in my kink fantasy. Again, a mix of physical and emotional humiliation.

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

    Humiliated Geek

  15. Hi Humiliated Geek and welcome! I'm glad that you enjoyed my little post on wedgies and I'm glad to hear from a fellow fan.

    I can well understand the appeal of bullying-type things in a kinky context, though I have yet to consciously articulate that appeal (even to myself). There is definitely a 'kinky thinks' post in there somewhere.

    And interesting point about a wedgies being a physical leveller: I hadn't thought of them in that way before. My (male) partner is bigger than me and our kink is, naturally, situated within that dynamic. I get picked up, I get wedgied, I get spanked, all as the smaller and weaker party.

    I have generally thought of F/M domination as a psychological thing, with physical size essentially taken out of the equation. But of course something like a wedgie (or, say, ear grabbing) provides a decidedly physical dimension to go with the psychological.

    And I bet you thoroughly deserve everything you get, too ;)

  16. Humiliated Geek1 August 2012 at 01:44

    Penelope, how dare you besmirch my honor! I am of course an angel and innocent victim :)

    I think there is some stuff to unpack regarding "bullying" - it's an interesting twist on traditional domination. There's an element of the top just doing stuff because he/she/they want to, as opposed to for punishment or what have you.


  17. Yes, you're right. The motivation of the top is, or can be, quite different in a 'bullying' scenario. And of course the poor bottom is in a different place too as the things done to them are necessarily 'undeserved'.

    Hm. Hmmm. (That's the sound of me thinking).

    lol, besmirch :)

  18. Humiliated Geek3 August 2012 at 02:44

    Glad I got you to think, just don't stink :)


  19. I also get the wedgie when being spanked in public, its a big turn on for me. I have a huge collection of wedgie type spanking photos if anyone is interested (both M and F) srbb 8 at yahoo is my addy, I will send you as many as you can handle!