Friday 1 June 2012

Penny and her Aunty

Little Penny is a very lucky (and a very contented) young lady. She has a safe, loving home, a Daddy who gives her hugs and spankings whenever she needs them, and all the cuddly toys a little girl could ever want.

And of course she also has a beautiful Aunty who loves her very, very much. Penny loves her just as much in return, and her little face always brightens when she hears that ‘Aunty And-ea’ is coming to visit.

So just imagine her delight when she was invited to stay at Aunty’s house for the weekend! The little poppet simply smiled to bursting. (She was, alas, told off by Daddy for jumping up and down on the sofa, but I think her enthusiasm was understandable).

Aunty Andrea has an account of her little niece’s stay available to read on her wonderful blog, so do pop over and see how it went!


  1. Seems to me that Penelope is missing a stern Uncle!

  2. It is good that you feel secure with those individals mentioned above, it will assist you in continuing with your excellent blog and also overcoming any negative comments that sometines occur on open blogs or forums .Have a good jubilee weekend Penny i know i shall certainly enjoy the celebrations

    Correction Man.

  3. I was delighted to have you Penny, and hope that you will come to visit with me again.

  4. Thank you, Aunty! I loved being at your house and doin all those growed up things and I'll visit as soon as Daddy says I can and I love you more than I love biskits.


  5. Strict Uncle...Little Penny, what a fantastic compelling's the best of its genre that I've ever read. The attention to detail, insight and flowing story is brilliant and complements your earlier "Penny's Diary and pink pony" adventure. It's so refreshing but yet Penny, I'm afraid Aunty was so right to put "naughty little you" over her knee and turn back your blue dress and voluminous petticoats. Bad girlies don't need or deserve protective coverings when learning a lesson. And so Yes, strict Aunty certainly did have to pull your pink, cotton cookie monster panties down to your knees and expose the soft, sensitive bare white botty of a "right little madam" to the relentless sting of the hairbrush. Awh, you poor thing- yes I know it stings terribly on a bare botty Penny: but it's supposed to (Doh !) So, you felt it...and now you will learn to be a proper "goodytwoshoes" and fear a good smacked bottom young lady !...Finally, just keep on writing Missy...

  6. Grown-up Penny says: Wow. Just wow. Thank you so, so much! Your lovely compliments mean a lot to me.

    Little Penny says: The hebbrush does hurt, and I don't like it. It makes me cry when I get it to my botty. But it makes me sadder when Aunty or Daddy say I've been bad and made them cross. I don't wanna make them cross really.

    I like it best when the spankin's over and I'm hugged all tight and called a good girl!

  7. Kind Uncle says: pleasure ! Your tone and characterisation is adult fairytale with no woffle, ponderous narrative or tiresome repetitive traits that other spanko writers can succumb to. And not too long either ! keeps everyone hopping on their toes...especially Little Penny. CONGRATS...more Diary and Poor Little Penny's Perils and Predicaments Please. Now Strict Uncle says...don't worry or be sad Penny, you are usually always a good girl.But just sometimes and inddeed rarely, you might be naughty and then you will need to have your botty smacked with the hairbrush.It is necessary. And always on your sensitive bare botty too Penny, I'm afraid: because that's the only way naughty girls deserve it...over Aunty's or Daddy's knee with your little dress raised and your cutey cotton Elmo panties pulled down. And then lots of hugs and cuddles, lessons learned and evertone saying we're sorry and all is forgiven and forgotten..."The Naughty Adventures of Perilous Penny ...and her poor chastised botty !"