Monday, 18 June 2012

Where's that girl?

Hello dear Hasler-watchers and sorry for the quietness – fear not, I haven’t fallen through a trapdoor into one of Nick’s dungeons or been locked in a reformatory – I’m just crazy busy right now. Normal silly service will hopefully be resumed soon.

While I’m here, though, I would like to draw your attention (with an air stewardess-like gesture) to a new and nifty spanking fiction blog. Taste For Disgrace Spanking Stories is a companion site to the brilliant Taste For Disgrace, and the first story is an absolute peach. Trust me, if you like hot stories about sassy college girls getting blistering discipline spankings, you’ll like it!

The picture above is an entirely accurate representation of the sort of thing I’ve been kept busy with, by the way.


  1. Thanks for the update.


  2. I was wondering where you'd gotten to sweetheart.

  3. You haven't been writing because you've been hiding in flower pots?

  4. Aw. It's nice to feel wanted! Hugs to joey and Aunty And-ea.

    imreadonly2: not hiding, silly! Being a super-sekrit spy!

  5. Thank you, Penny! It's still a bit of a shock to be reading a post on someone's blog and see something of mine mentioned. You are so kind and generous. Big Hugs!

    I'm happy to hear you're not trapped in a dungeon or locked in a reformatory... unless you'd be telling us all about it, that is. Instead you've been busy being a naughty little super-secret spy? Mysterious. Intriguing. Cute-as-a-button you are.

  6. So you are courting?good luck I can't help thinking how you negotiate the "subject " I personally would not till your sitting on top of him pinning his arms down and ask
    "so what's your little kink?"
    I would so love to court you.Thank you for your wonderful site.
    Please go and give yourself 5 on the bare.
    All the best

  7. I'm glad to hear you're spying...from the drawing I was afraid you might have put on some weight and got stuck.

    Glad to hear you're still writing though; it would be a shame to let this wonderful site go to pot.

    (See? Brats aren't the only ones who can tease!)

  8. Groan! Oh, you're so droll! :D

    I think, were I to be captured by the evil Dr Imreadonly2, that I'd tell all my spy-type sekrits in no time. Just tie me to a chair and torture me with corny jokes!

    You are sweet, Harry. Mad as a hatter, but sweet! I'll give myself five on the bare (plus one for luck) just for you.

    TFD, you're more than welcome! Your writing is great, so if I can introduce a few more people to it, then yay.

  9. "Miss Hasler,Harry Bunters outside and he's admitted to commenting on your site without reading it properly, apparently he was just looking at the picture,I'd like you to deal with him please.

    Harry Bunter

  10. OR

    "Right, you in the pot and you young lady, yes you over there leaning on the balustrade; all were warned about
    Playing around the other guess on this field trip.I have no option but to march you both to Mr Whackers attention.Spying, spying indeed,I think you know what to expect, right then noses to the wall the pair of you, wait till your called.I personally hope he makes an example of you both."

    A blog hug

    Mr Harry Bunter

  11. Strict Uncle: I do believe that Miss Hasler is hiding her sekrit in the drawing...aka her recently accessorised bright red botty ! (courtesy of some luxury coloured pencils and deft shading)...she's just had a naughty girl's visit from nasty old Mr Hairbrush...and with her pastel pink Munchkin Monster cartoon cotton panties pulled down for good spontaneous learning ! And she needs to get a move on because it's time for her afternoon nap !

  12. Drat! I've been rumbled! Uncles know everyfink, don't they? That'll teach me to earn a hairbrush spanking for answering back!

    'Spontaneous learning'... lol! :D

    And thank you for the two lovely scenarios, Harry - I think going to school with you would be a lot of fun!

  13. I thought that was a Mario pipe. Princess is in another castle?

  14. LOL! Oh, that's lovely! You win the prize for the most imaginative interpretation!