Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Cupcakes that go bump in the night

It’s probably the wrong day to admit it but I’m not really all that big on Halloween. My family didn’t do anything for it when I was growing up (I’ve never known the joy of hollowing out a pumpkin, but I did bob for apples at school once) and it’s just not as big a thing here in England as it is in America. I did try Trick or Treating once, aged about nine, on a friend’s insistence... got all dressed up as a cute little witch, aww... and got a bucket of cold water chucked over me at one house for my trouble. (Wa-ah!) But all that’s not to say I don’t understand the appeal of this kooky, spooky day or that I’m not envious of you lucky Yanks, going to town on it :)

And I did buy a spooky cupcake today (pictured above, haunting my mantelpiece).

So I wish everyone a Happy Halloween! May your spines be tingled and your broomsticks stay nice and stiff. And do give Spank or Treat a pop if you haven’t yet!

P.S. Here’s something to freak you out: my ghoulish cupcake has mysteriously disappeared since that photo was taken, leaving just the wrapper behind. Very spooky. I think it must have spirited itself away to a ghost convention someplace.


  1. Sitting by an open fire, looking back at my time at school, if I had a chance to say thank you to Miss Hasler, for her vigorous methods, I would, leave a cup cake from the other side, as a thank you. Happy halloeen Penny.

  2. Born a Yank, I did celebrate Halloween every year growing up. But nothing as elaborate as they do these days.

    A little witch? I bet if you'd gone as a little angel, everyone would have asked you, where's your costume? ;)

  3. Aww. You little charmer, TFD! You're definitely going to get a treat rather than a trick. I might have to mail myself to your house wrapped in a bow.

    Thank you, Harry! Happy Halloween to you too :)

  4. We don't really celebrate Halloween down here, Penny. There are some parties, but the trick or treat door to door thing doesn't happen. It's the wrong time of the year for one thing. That didn't stop Little Andrea from trying to get her aunt to give her extra treats because it was Halloween though.

  5. Bless her. I'd give Little Andrea my cupcake anytime.

    And oh yeah! I had never thought of that... it must be hard to get a spooky atmosphere going when it's still daylight!

  6. If you visit me in the states for Halloween, Penelope, bring your school uniform. We're going trick-or-treating, and if I catch you snarfing any candy or forgetting to say thank you I might well give you a swat across your uniform skirt.

    Depending on the laughing candy-giver's reaction, I might even ask you to take the hairbrush I stashed in your candy pumpkin out, and ask the homeowner if we might come inside for a moment. There they will enjoy the treat of seeing a naughty young woman with her knickers-round-her-ankles promising to be more polite and obedient at the next house!

    It would be a long night, Penelope, but on the brighters side I'm sure your performance would get better as the evening wore on, as you would feel everybit the schoolgirl. Even if walking became more difficult...

  7. Ooh, yeahyeahyeah! Let's do that! :D

    I knew Halloween could be fun really...