Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A day out with Maria

It’s official: I am a dimwit. What? No!

Yes. Because, despite being madly in love with the incomparably delicious Maria Sharapova, and despite painstakingly accumulating many, many photos of her, it had never actually occurred to me to look for videos of her until today. And it only occurred to me because a very kind reader (an anonymous knight in shining armour) posted a comment on this sporty post with a link to just exactly that.

The video in question is one of Maria and Novak Djokovic doing various sporty things in a light-hearted ‘challenge’ bankrolled by their mutual sponsor, Head (snigger).

It’s billed as a ‘behind the scenes’ piece, and of course it isn’t really, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is seeing Maria off court having fun and smiling that beautiful smile and bouncing around happily. She and Djokovic make a cute double act – I know that Djokovic is renowned as a bit of a joker on the men’s tour – and she just comes across as really down-to-earth and likeable. And utterly gorgeous, of course. It’s just a really sweet little film. Here are some stills I took (with Djokovic occasionally snipped out of the pic; sorry Novak!)

Drool. Maria will never know just how much I want to kiss every last inch of her. If you can take your eyes off her lovely legs or her adorable face in this pic (not easy), see if you can spot the subtle product placement:

Double drool. Oh, the things I imagine when I look at this:

No pink shorts here; just extreme hotness:

Maria bounces happily after getting a strike at bowling (sort of):

Maria laughs her ass off, having just served a tennis ball into Djokovic’s man bits. Naughty Maria! :D

It’s too cute not to share, so here’s a link to the video. Thank you again to my anonymous benefactor – you have made my day funner, brighter and a whole lot sexier!


  1. She is hot. Very interesting product placement.

  2. if you add an arrow from the sign to her head it'll just look like a label (ala Sesame Street - see how it all ties together?)

  3. It's great to hear about others erotic desires, I can imagine what sort of thing might be enjoyed.

  4. Darn right she's hot, Joey! Hot isn't hot enough a word, in fact. We need a new word. I'll get right on it.

    Ahh... thank you, John! I do see. And now I'm in a Sesame Street mood again.

    I bet my imaginings are filthier than yours, Harry... ;)

  5. I'm sorry, Penny. I know about your love of Maria, but I cannot look at her without my palm itching and a great desire to spank that little bottom until it's the same shade as the courts at Roland Garros.

  6. Hi Aunty! Hope you had a nice holiday :)

    And as long as you spank me just as thoroughly as you do Maria, I won't protest (much)!

  7. She needs big spanks for the noise she makes playing ,best spanks,Timxx