Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Penny's Masquerade at the Boys' School: Chapter II

What a pickle silly Penny has got herself into this time... whoever would have thought that sneaking around a boys’ school in disguise to solve a mystery and get a crush out of trouble would lead to more trouble?

Everyone except Penny? Oh.


“YOU! Boy!” the voice came again. “Didn’t you hear me?”

Penny’s decision came without a thought for herself. She had to bluff her way out – for Jimmy’s sake.

Swiftly she half turned and, in the deepest voice she could manage, answered: “Sorry, sir. Going up to the study.”

“No time now, boy. Come along – out in the quad – the rest of the boys are on their way already.”

Penny felt rooted to the spot. What to do now?

“Come along, boy! What’s wrong with you? Down at once – and join the others. You’ll be late – don’t keep the professor waiting!”

There was nothing for it. Penny turned and retraced her steps slowly down the stairs, keeping her head down. The master stood at the bottom but, now that he knew she was coming, he turned away slightly, and Penny hurried quickly past him and outside into the quad.

And there she pulled up in surprise and dismay.

Instead of a deserted quad, there was now a line of boys in green blazers moving off towards the school gates, an elderly, white-haired man bringing up their rear.

He glanced at Penny curiously and Penny felt a wild desire to run. She turned and found herself looking at the master, who was now standing by the door.

“Come along now. We mustn’t waste time.”

The old gentleman called her snappily and, with one last despairing glance, Penny had to join him.

This, she gathered, as she walked along beside him, was the professor, and the boys were going to nearby Stanfield Abbey for an archaeological lesson. Fortunately the professor was slightly short-sighted and, to Penny’s relief, was much more interested in what he was saying than in whether the boys were listening. He did not seem to notice her, let alone suspect.

But she was dreadfully conscious of the stares of the other boys and when at last the professor left her to speak to another boy, she found herself beside a tall, fair-haired youth.

He gave her a dig in the ribs, making her wince.

“New boy, eh?” he sniggered unpleasantly. “Crawling round the masters, eh?”

Penny did not reply, but felt her spine tingle as he gave her another spiteful dig in the ribs.

“Hey, Stringer, leave the kid alone!” came another voice and for a moment the boy beside her moved away, only to return a moment later.

So that’s Stringer, thought Penny. What a horrid type – I can quite believe that he’d let Jimmy take the blame for what he’d done! But he won’t get away with it – not if I can help it! she told herself.

Somehow, she thought, she’d got to get away – she must get back to school and search the fair-haired boy’s study while she had the chance. If she could find that shoe in his study –

It was difficult to find the opportune moment however, for Stringer himself kept his eye on her and was never far away, casting disparaging remarks. But at last, when the professor had drawn the form’s attention to some particular point, she seized her chance. She slipped behind a stone pillar and a few moments later was sprinting back towards the school.

She went in through the main gate and noticed for the first time the statue of Doctor Wallice, painted a bright cherry pink.

A wooden barricade guarded it now and Penny just had time to spot the footprint Jimmy had mentioned. There was only one print, she noticed and guessed that the owner of the shoe had realised it would give him away and had taken the shoe off.

Penny hurried on to Winton House and this time reached Study 5 without attracting attention.

She lost no time in making a search of the cupboards, trying to read Stringer’s mind. Where was the obvious place to hide a shoe? After five minutes’ careful searching there was still no clue. Had she made a mistake after all?

She straightened at last with a feeling of hopelessness; a feeling that she had let Jimmy down. She started towards the door, but even as she did so she stopped dead, breath caught in her throat.

There were voices outside; footsteps. And then without warning, the door was thrust open and Stringer, a crowd of Fifth formers on his heels, came racing in, only to pull up dead in front of her as she faced them, heart racing, face pale.

“So!” Stringer stood towering above her, hands on hips. “So the new boy likes to pry, does he? I thought you weren’t to be trusted! I think the new boy will have to be taught a lesson, don’t you?” he asked of the others.

Penny’s breath came fast as there came a general assent.

“The new boy will have to learn that that sort of thing just isn’t done,” he went on silkily. “Come along – get your jacket off!”

He was already peeling off his blazer, rolling up his shirt sleeves.

Penny stood as if turned to stone. She was utterly transfixed.

The boys looked at her; there was a mutter. Insolently Stringer stepped forward.

“Come now – not a coward, are we?” And with a quick flick of his hand he sent her cap flying.

Penny bit her lip, her hands clenching as the chestnut curls fell round her ears.

There was a gasp; dead silence. Then –

“Jumping firecrackers! It – it’s a girl!”


  1. Jumping firecrackers. Cool.

  2. Oh from the frying pan into the fire.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on the success of SPANK, by the way, to Becky as well, nearly 90,000 copy's. Well deserved, I'd say.

  4. imreadonly2@hotmail.com11 October 2012 at 13:44

    Should have gone to the barber's first, Penny!

  5. Dear Penny, It looks like your Sexuel blog friend is stopping, and looking for maybe someone to do it for her. Why don't you say yes and publish these posting there as well?

  6. Aw - not another one! That's a real shame :(

    And thanks for the suggestion, Harry, but I kinda have my hands full with my own blog! Plus I figure that someone new might take Liz up on her offer and bring an interesting new voice to our little corner of the blogosphere.

  7. So fast-flowing and compelling Penny... a thrilling roller-coaster to scroll down the panties...OOPS ! I mean pages. Great stuff young madam - take a gold star and a jelly baby. Strict Uncle

  8. It's a girl who needs a spanking!

  9. Ah, so true. And what fun that would be! But I don't think poor Penny is going to get what she needs*... I might have to write my own ending to this tale sometime.

    *unlike me last night. Still sore now!

  10. Yes, the advantage of real life is there is no shortage of "headmasters" cane-in-hand, ready to complete any of these scenarios for you. The ones we have to type are far more difficult (albeit less painful) to complete!