Thursday, 4 October 2012

Goodbye, Mr Whacker

I fear that my Kinky Links have to shrink by one.

I clicked on the link to the Mr Whacker blog today, as I often do, hoping to find a new post, and was greeted by a page that simply read “Sorry, the blog at has been removed.”

If this really is the end, it is a sad day for spanking blogs as a unique voice will have been lost.

Mr Whacker the blog was one of the first spanking-related sites I discovered and linked to when I started timidly venturing beyond my own little lair. And the moment I found it I felt right at home. Quite beside the many hours of pleasure his posts gave me as a reader, it was a big confidence-booster to know that there was someone else out there writing about the things that I myself liked. The unmistakably English tone, and the lovingly close and constant focus on grown-up schoolgirls, their uniforms, and their punishments, were just my cup of tea and somehow felt like a bridge between the disappearing world of printed spanking magazines and the ever-expanding world of online kink.

Mr Whacker the person was i) a really nice guy and ii) the first blog author I had an online collaboration with, he very kindly agreeing to play headmaster to my naughty schoolgirl in a cross-blog fantasy that I just came to him with out of the blue one day. I was so happy that he agreed to take part, and I think that the three pieces of writing that resulted make for a cute and original little moment of TTWD erotica; I will always be proud of them and grateful to Mr Whacker for helping create them. They are all three amongst my all-time most read posts: this fact, like Mr Whacker’s site itself did, reassures me that I am very far from alone in my love of school fantasy.

If you ever happen to read this letter, Mr Whacker, I would just like to offer my thanks for all the sexy school fun you provided me with, and I hope that everything is all right.

Thank you, Sir.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that one of your favourite blogs is gone! :-(

    But maybe it's just a Blogger problem and the blog will be back in a few days. I have experienced occasions on which a blog was temporarily shut down by some Blogger routine but could be activated again by the blog owner. I cross my fingers that this is the case here.

  2. I concure with Penny.I hope both of you are fine and well, I especially hope Mrs Whacker is well which I'm sure she is, and your canine. If all three of you are fine and any children, the the blog world can stuff it's self for a while. I will miss you, but let Penny and Ronnie and Bonnie help if your not to publish again, for a while hopefully anyway.
    Harry Bunter

  3. Thanks, Kaelah, and I hope you're right!

    That's a nice thought, Harry.

  4. I miss him too, and hope it's temporary! :-( I'm sure he does appreciate your kind words though, Penelope!

  5. Always sad to hear of another blog biting the dust, hopefully this is just a blogger glitch.

  6. It's easy to forget how fragile our online-only friendships are, isn't it? You develop a rapport with someone and sometimes end up feeling quite close to them - and then one day they and/ or their site is suddenly gone, and you're left wondering what happened to them.

    I enjoyed Mr Whacker's blog too - hopefully he'll resurface at some point.