Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Penny scribblings: extended edition

I dunno, you leave your blog alone for five minutes and a little brat comes along and trashes it with a pink felt tip! It took me ages to get the place all clean and tidy again. Still, I rather think the naughty girl responsible will be a little more careful with other people’s things in future, if the timid and tearful little apology she made post ‘discussion’ with her Aunty was anything to go by. (It’s amazing what a good talking-to and a sound spanking can do for a mischievous miss’s attitude, isn’t it?)

Anyway, to more adult matters. Re my intention to write more, one of the things I’m keen to have a go at is a longer story: a novella, if not quite a novel. I love writing short stories, but I want to try stretching my wings a bit – I want to try giving my characters, and my prose, a bit more space to play within; see if I can’t manage a bit more depth and realism – and a longer form of course offers those possibilities. It will be quite a challenge, I think, as short story writing is a very different discipline to ‘regular’ story writing: it privileges concision and directness above all else, a compositional factor that doesn’t apply to the novel(la). It’s a bit of a switch, for me at least, to move ‘up’ to this more expansive mode, to get out of the writing habits I have got into, and I hope I can handle looking after a bigger plot of land than I’m used to.

I’ve actually started writing it already, but it isn’t in any kind of presentable shape yet (my writing process is a bit too much on the chaotic unorthodox side for that) so no teasing extracts to show you as yet. I don’t even have a title, so I’m going to use a codename. Let’s call it Project Summer. I’ll post about it every so often if I can and let you know how it’s coming along. If there isn’t a post for a while you’ll know it’s all gone a bit Don Music...

P.S. Oh yeah. It’s going to have spanking in it. Just in case you were worried about that. ;)

P.P.S. It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’ve booked both it and Friday off work and BH might take me here and there for a treat so I might not be around (in an at-my-computer, blogging nonsense, sense) for a bit. Sic transit and all that, but chin up, dear reader!


  1. Happy Birthday Penelope!!! I hope that you and BH have a wonderful two days.

    I enjoyed your short stories in your Spank! series, I hope you write something longer as well.

    Big Birthday Hug,

  2. Thanks, Joey! You're so sweet. Consider me thoroughly hugged and fluffy-feeling inside.

  3. Ooh, I look forward to reading your novella. And Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Penny. :)

    It's traditional at times like these to bring up the subject of birthday spankings - this being a spanko blog, and it being your birthday and everything. I think we can rest assured that one will be forthcoming, and I hope it's wonderfully stingy!

  4. Happy Birthday, Penelope! ...and Happy Birfday, Little Penny. ;) Have a great time.

    Love the idea of a novella. Can't wait to read it.


  5. A very happy birthday to you Penny, may it be filled with joy and spanks, not necessarily in that order. I will wait on the outcome of the novella project eagerly. Much love Aunty Andrea.

  6. Big up the Novella. Cool. Exciting stuff in the offing....Now, I wouldn't worry about Little Penny and her crayons. I think she may have got her fairy-tail cotton panties pulled down and her tender bare botty well reddened over Aunty's knee by the trusty hairbrush. Can't be absolutely sure. But I'm sure she'll be kept at bay for at least a couple of days. The naughty missy. Aunty's got it sussed...we all hope :) Strict Uncle ...Just to say Pebelope, I'm quite willing to lend a hand with my slipper to SMACK that Naughty Little Penny's bare white botty if required, and if there's a concesus of opinion ;)

  7. Happy Birthday Penelope, have a nice time


  8. Happy Birthday..Enjoy the day/s....

    Kindest of regards


    PS Do let me know if you want any images for your new venture..

  9. Many happy returns of the day. Longer stories great, character building oh yes.

  10. Happy Birthday, Penny! I hope you get a NICE birthday spanking. :-)

    By the way, I know it was a lot of work to clean your blog, but I have to admit that I find little Penny sweet. Despite of being a brat, she has a wonderful innocence about her.

    I wish you all the best for your novella!

  11. Rest assured dear readers that young Penelope had a visit to Aunty's parlour and her naughty little bottom was taught the error of it's ways with a good hard old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking.

  12. Wow! So many nice messages. Thanks and hugs to all of you - your lovely wishes are the best present anyone could ever get. xxxxx